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OT Rediculous Carpeting.


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The Hollywood Reporter is on record as saying that the modern red carpet (which we will see this afternoon on the pre-show broadcasts and the official pre-show) is now 16,500 square feet of carpet.

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It is late for this year but I believe they could turn this into a wonderful service to benefit the Academy or other charities.


Discrete cameras could be installed to monitor the carpet. A laser grid overlay prior to its use and before its removal could provide precise location information.


It is in this way that the carpet could then be cut and pieces mounted so that people could buy a piece of cinema history.


A normal piece four inches square might be sold for ten dollars. A premium price could be applied to those pieces which were where the first step upon the carpet was made by award-winning actors. Incremental prices could be applied to those pieces which were stepped upon by a variety of people.


It is well within current technology to supply with each piece a picture showing the outline of the piece at the moment it was stepped upon by a celebrity.


I do not watch such things but I believe it to be that there are people who stand in certain positions and exchange words or reap brief interviews of those passing into the theatre. I am sure those ambushers have many fans because unpopular people would be unlikely to merit such a position. Their fans might pay a premium for a large square where their idol stood.


I have no qualifications for judging the possible prices for such mementos but I am sure the aggregate sum would surely be in the tens of thousands of dollars.


I can imagine furious bidding on a large piece which an actor touched when they tripped and fell.


It may become a fad for actors to stop on their way to bend down and rub a spot along the edge of the carpet so that it will become valuable and hence benefit the Academy or charity which receives the proceeds from the sale.

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Fred, My OP stated that Fox 5 covered what happens to the red carpet after the Oscars, they discard it to be recycled (yep grind it up). I am stunned at the sheer waste. The news channel has always been on top of covering subjects like waste, mismanagement, favoritism, scams, etc.

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