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Editors turned directors


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Last night( or early this morning), as I watched PYGMALION, I noticed in the opening credits that the film editor was DAVID LEAN. We know Mr. Lean as a film director that has done fine work in a few respectable epics. But I wasn't aware of his editor history. I also know ROBERT WISE was an editor who later turned to directing.


Are there any others?



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Robert Wise began as an editor at RKO.


Mark Robson cut *Cat People* before becoming a director.


Don Siegel began as a montage cutter ( *The Roaring Twenties* ) at Warners before becoming a director.


John Sturges began his career as an editor before moving behind the camera. His credits at IMDB include an uncredited stint on *Gunga Din* though I don't know how factual that is.


Anthony Harvey cut *Dr. Strangelove* before directing *The Lion in Winter*.


Robert Parrish was an assistant editor on *Grapes on Wrath* and cut John Ford's WWII documentaries before directing *Cry Danger*.

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I've got a few more for you...


Sam O'Steen who edited THE GRADUATE and CHINATOWN directed I LOVE YOU...GOODBYE and SPARKLE as well as a number of TV movies.


Reginald Beck who edited a number of Joseph Losey films directed THE LONG DARK HALL.


Stuart Baird who edited SKYFALL directed STAR TREK: NEMESIS and U.S. MARSHALLS.


Jim Clark who edited CHARADE and DAY OF THE LOCUST directed the Vincent Price/Peter Cushing film MADHOUSE.


He's not to be confused with James B. Clark who was an editor at Fox (GARDEN OF EVIL) and later directed FLIPPER.

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I think actor/directors have been more successful at least as far as Academy Award recognition


Won Academy Award for Best Director and Nominated for acting as noted:

Woody Allen (N)

Robert Redford (N)

Warren Beatty (N)

Richard Attenborough

Kevin Costner (N)

Clint Eastwood (N)

Mel Gibson


Nominated for Best Director and Won or Nominated for acting

Lionel Barrymore (W)

Orson Welles (N)

Laurence Olivier (W)

John Cassavetes (N)

Tim Robbins (W)

Roberto Benigni (W)


Nominated or Won Best Director and best known for Directing

John Huston (W) (N for acting)

Otto Preminger (N)

Jean Renoir (N)

Peter Bogdanovich (N)

Roman Polanski (W)

Sydney Pollack (W)

Mark Rydell (N)

Quentin Tarantino (N)

Sophia Coppola (N)


Of course there are many more actor/directors outside of Academy Award nominees/winners

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LZ: As you know, *Anthony Harvey* had a distinguished career as editor before directing The Lion in Winter. In addition to Dr. Strangelove, he edited Lolita, I'm All Right Jack, The Whisperers, The L-Shaped Room, and many other films. He's a friend of mine; I sent a note to the Admin that he'd be a great guest on TCM. Certainly considering the frequency that The Lion in Winter is shown, by introducing it perhaps he could add a new dimension to it. He lives on Long Island.

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