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May 10th Astaire's Birthday


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Now I'm not sure where to post this so hopefully if this is the wrong area I won't get shot.....But I would love to see May 10th dedicated to Fred Astaire! It would be his 115th birthday. The films that I would love to see in the line up are

*"A Damsel in Distress"* with Burn's and Allen's

*"Roberta"* a great movie with him and Ginger that sometimes gets over looked by the more popular ones like *"Top Hat"*

*"You'll Never Get Rich"*the first movie with him and Rita Hayworth

"*Flying Down to Rio"* the first pairing of him and Ginger, and (I believe) the first movie of his to be released (I believe it was this and not *"Dancing Lady"*)

*"Funny Face"* with Audrey Hepburn.


So if any of you agree (or at the very least, don't object), would y'all be so gracious as to leave a comment to say you're in favor?

Thank's everybody!

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Hi ClassicGeek,


Not long ago you had a thread in the Hot Topics forum about the same topic (I believe it may have fallen off the first page). It is probably a good idea if you keep adding to that thread so folks can see your earlier comments.


As for TCM's schedule in May, it has already been decided and June Allyson is the Star of the Month. There is a thread devoted to Ms. Allyson as SOTM here at General Discussions.


No Fred Astaire films have been scheduled for May 10th.

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THANK YOU for not disapproving my idea (when I started reading your comment I thought that's where it was headed, and I was surprised and very Happy you didn't disapprove) :-) I'll go post this in the "Hot Topic thread now :-)

Thank you for the info that May 10th hasn't been scheduled, with any luck TCM will take note of this and the films I listed will be shown *crosses fingers*


Thank you for saying you're in favor! And DEAL! To TCM I'M IN FAVOR OF HIS IDEA!


@Everybody reading this thread

Please if your in favor or (at the very least) don't disapprove of my idea

Please comment :-) I need all the support I can get :-)

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Thanks for the input! and if this was a birthday like 112th or 107th or some other random number I wouldn't even consider posting this because I agree that it would dominate TCM's scheduling! So I see you're point :-) But I thought since it is his 115th that was a good birthday to pay tribute (then Again I think any birthdays in multiples of fives are monumental :P) But again thanks for your input!

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