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Half-off Topic: Are all my favorite mini-series British?


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I stumbled across Fortunes of War, that amazing 1987 mini-series with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, on YouTube. I got to thinking, "I almost like this better than Jewel in the Crown. But certainly as much as Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy----or Smiley's People."


That says it. I don't know of any American mini-series I like as much. I'll have to check out Roots.


Does the same go for TV series? Let's see: The Avengers, The Prisoner, All Creatures Great and Small, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python.


Oh lord, am I an--Anglophile?

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I too am a rabid Anglophile of British/BBC/Masterpiece/Mystery productions and have been for decades. "All Creatures Great and Small": I haven't thought of that magnificent miniseries in years, so very good. Love "Call the Midwife" and looking forward to a new season of episodes. Now that season 4 of "Downton Abbey" is over I long for season 5 to start. It's one heck of a soap opera getting soapier and soapier but I am addicted. "Rich Man, Poor Man" and "The Winds of War" were epic American miniseries and even better books.

Not sure why I am such an Anglophile as I am of German heritage but I am. Guess I'm really just a Europeanphile in general. Do love British and European crime/whodunit novels as well plus WW1 era history/novels. Ann Perry novels are one of my favorites. Amazing the effects on the world that one rather small island of Britain and specifically England has had on such a large world over the last thousand years in all aspects of life and culture. Sometimes good and sometimes horrific effects depending on the races and peoples involved.


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I didn't forget them, I don't know them, except for Hitchhikers' Guide. But I didn't know it was a mini-series.


There is one I did forget: Upstairs, Downstairs.


As for Keeping Up Appearances, I did watch it and like it. But that was long ago.

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Oh wow, I can't believe you posted this! I just watched 7 episodes the other night on Youtube, and I watch it every day on Maryland Public Television. The entire cast is hilarious; I became a fan of this show about 10 years ago. Just like "I Love Lucy", it never gets old, imho. There is even a youtube video of outtakes. My other favorite British show is "Doc Martin". I've just started watching "Midsummer Murders", and this is my second season of "Downton Abbey". I'm going to watch "Sherlock" for the first time this Sunday; I'm really looking forward to it. Perhaps while I'm watching, I will have some 'tea and light refreshments'........................

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Catch many British TV series on TVO in Ontario, Canada.


"Heartbeat" is on Friday nights:



"Foyle's War" is currently airing on TVO:



"Midsomer Murders" has been on a long time

(I wasn't sure I'd like it after John Nettles left the series, but Neil Dudgeon is good):



"New Tricks" is another one I watch:



"Tudor Monastery Farm" is currently on (one of the "farm" series):



"Time Team" is another good program:



Sunday night I watched Lucy Worsley's show "If Walls Could Talk":



TVO airs lots of Brit stuff...


Vision TV does too, especially older series:




And then BBC Canada has lots too:




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Minor edit.

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I love some of the older British miniseries, like Poldark (based on the Winston Graham novels--Graham also wrote the novel on which Hitchcock's Marnie was based) and Brideshead Revisited. Have a soft spot for Flambards and Robin of Sherwood.


Can't get on the Downton Abbey bandwagon because the characters are so horrible and tension is rarely sustained. Also, the writing goes from derivative (entire first season cribbed from Upstairs, Downstairs) to outright plagiarism. Did anyone else notice the bit in the first season that copied the flower show scene from Mrs. Miniver almost word for word?

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I love British shows too.


Foyle's War, Inspector (insert name here), Jewel In The Crown, (wasn't Timothy Pigott-Smith the most evil man?) Danger UXB, Cranford (Judi Dench) and some others.


Regular series such as "As Time Goes By" and "Keeping Up Appearances" and even back in the 70s "Doctor In The House." Monty Python. My wife and I are currently ripping through "MI-5."


I couldn't get through "Tinker, Tailor..." which was really disappointing because I really like Alec Guinness.


I thought "Wire In The Blood" an excellent series.


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Danger UXB was a terrific series. Loved that one. A lotta years ago. Really like Foyle's War as well. Liked the novels by Cornwell about Richard Sharpe in the Napoleonic Wars that were on PBS. One great series of novels by Cornwell.

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