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The Oscar elephant in the room...


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Hard to believe nobody started an Oscar thread the morning after the "big night", so I'll stick my neck out...


Out of the nine movies up for grabs for best picture, I only saw GRAVITY and CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, so I won't argue the choice of 12 YEARS A SLAVE as the best picture winner. For all I know, had I seen it, I might agree.


Ellen Degeneres as host, while not hilarious, was also not offensive like whatzizname last year. Or was it the year before? At least the audience liked her well enough, and didn't seem to mind getting in on some of her highjinx, like posing for a group photo with Meryl Streep, or ordering pizza. And nobody was put off with her using familiarities( "Hi, Marty." "Hey, Sandy" ). No big musical number opening the show, which seemed a time saver. The show ended at 11:58pm EST, according to the clock on my cable box.


What DID surprise me was that my newspaper, the Detroit Free Press, which every other year offers a big write-up about the show, didn't do that this year. All it claimed was that 12 YEARS A SLAVE "triumphed" at the Oscars. By that, they meant it won "Best Picture". GRAVITY seemed to triumph, in my opinion, winning seven statuettes. Director, score, sound editing, sound mixing, cinematography, special effects and something else I can't recall.


I couldn't tell if anyone was missing from the "memorial" tribute, though there were a couple of names I wasn't aware of, and they even squeezed in Harold Ramis, along with Bill Murray bringing up his name earlier in the show. I wondered if anyone was passed over to make room for Bette Midler singing "Wind Beneath My Wings".


A lot of the acceptance speeches were wordy, but that seems to be a time honored tradition these days, and they seemed to give up fighting it.


All in all, I'd say that even though it wasn't the greatest Oscar show I ever saw, it was far from the worst.



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Ann Rutherford and Audrey Totter were left off the "In Memoriam" segment. Unforgiveable....


I didn't know over half the people named there - mostly technical ones; although I don't begrudge their recognition at all.

But, Rutherford and Totter had many fans among us 'classic fanatics' and should have been shown...


Who was that dork in the shorts with the skinny chicken legs? Stupid, and disrespectful.



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Sepiatone, I have a whole thread about this year's Oscars. I started it several days ago.

It's titled simply "2014 Oscars", and it's in the Hot Topics forum.


I debated putting it here, in "General Discussions", but since it is a "hot topic" in the sense of timeliness - it's only of interest for a few days, really - I thought "Hot Topics" would be the more appropriate place for it.


Just shows how most people never stray from this "General Discussions" forum.

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That was singer PHARRELL WILLIAMS, whose song "Happy" from DESPICABLE ME 2 was nominated. I liked the shorts, as I always disliked the overblown 'formality" of the Oscar dress code.


Actually, out of all the nominated songs, I liked his the most, though none of the songs impressed me much.


Even I was unaware of Ms. Totter's death, and did forget Rutherford's. Unforgivable indeed...



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>Hard to believe nobody started an Oscar thread the morning after the "big night", so I'll stick my neck out...


HEY! Wait a minute!! I've got to find my axe!! :P


What's with the guy in the tuxedo wearing shorts?? What's this world coming to?? Ha, ha, I remember all the long-haired hippie actors showing up in the Oscar shows in the 1970s. :)


I tried watching the TV news shows this morning to see who won what, but all the reports were about clothes and who was dating whom.


Anyway, Google had a list of the wins.


Big winners.... a film about mistreated slaves and people dying from AIDS. Hey, where are all the screwball romantic comedy musicals?


I think each year they should re-run the Academy shows from the 1930s and 40s... at least the radio broadcasts. Where was Bob Hope this year??

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I can understand that some folks will complain no matter how many deceased celebrities from the past are not presented in the annual Memoriam segment. But to sit here and write that because two deceased celebrities that you may have liked really well were not represented and calling that unforgiveable is beyond comparison.


They can't show every older Hollywood actress, actor or anyone else in a show like this. The Oscars are bigger than just showcasing older stars from the past. Its all about inclusion.


You mentioned the fact that you did not know many of the people they showcased. They showed 47 creative people who had died in the past year, and they included several who had just recently died. I recognized all of the actors they showed and about ten of the other 26 people they included. Many of those people were behind the camera or scenes and would not be known to film buffs to begin with.


Of the 47 people they showed this was the breakdown of their occupations:


21 Actors/Actresses

4 Writers

4 Producers

2 Documentary Directors

2 Visual Effects Producers

2 Inventors

1 Stunt Coordinator

1 Film Critic

1 Make Up Artist

1 Film Editor

1 Sound Editor

1 2nd Unit Director

1 Set Director

1 Animator

1 Cinematographer

1 Composer

1 Production Designer

1 Executive


Now you or anyone else can sit here and complain that certain people were excluded, but the whole list of people that did die last year that the Academy wanted to include is located on their website. There is a total of 111 people on this list and there are photos of each person. And then there is another list where they show the people without any photos and unfortunately for you Audrey Trotter is located here, with no photo. Ann Rutherford is not shown anywhere.


Obviously they can't show or list everyone on a telecast. Or on their website. And even if they were to show everyone, there would still be someone out there saying that their favorite actor was dissed. Below is the link to the Oscar's official website where you can see the deceased listed.



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Hello Fxreyman,


I don't think you understood my post:

I don't begrudge the recognition of the technical people and etc. who've passed on; and I do think that they should be featured, even if I don't know who they were....


But, I do think it's an ommition and slite to not include Rutherford and Totter, as they were at one time big stars, whom some of us oldie remember happily...


Personally, I wonder if they couldn't have dropped Bette Midler and her "Wings Beneath My Wings" number. Don't get me wrong - I love dear Bette and her song, but it was a little much for my liking at that particular time...


Thank you for the site about those previously deceased... Appreciate it..



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But don't you understand that there are people out there that feel someone they knew or loved was also omittied? So whoever decides who is shown or not has to make choices since there is a time limit and out in TV land someone will be disapointed to some degree.

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Some Oscar nominated films are now on demand:


Gravity (however, that's a film you really should see in the theater.)

Dallas Buyers Club, (saw It)

Blue Jasmine (saw it)

Nebraska, (didn't see it but I once lived in Nebraska.)

Captain Phillips


You can buy 12 Years A Slave for &15.99

American Hustle is coming up.


For the last few years I've seen most Oscar Winning Films on demand, (The Artist, The Hurt Locker, etc.) I'm not crazy about going to the movie theater, (though it's worth it with a film like gravity, a thirteen inch screen does not do it justice.)

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> Obviously they can't show or list everyone on a telecast



Given the sheer volume of names on the list, that is understandable. But, since the Oscars ARE a celebration of the accomplishments of actors( mainly), then deceased actors should get priority. I'll bet even the actors and directors in the seats didn't know who many of the technical people in the tribute were.



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>I'll bet even the actors and directors in the seats didn't know who many of the technical people in the tribute were.


Heck, I'll go ya one better here, Sepia...I'LL bet even most of the actors and directors in the seats didn't know who Ann Rutherford and Audrey Totter were EITHER!!! LOL


(...yep, it's kinda like what happened again YESTERDAY at a Starbucks, and when the wet-behind-the-ears kid "barista" asked me to spell my name "Dwight", and the look of total cluelessness I received from her when I told her that it's spelled just like "Dwight Eisenhower" spelled HIS first name, 'cause as I've said before around here, I have NO idea what the heck they're teachin' kids today in their high school history classes, 'cause evidently MOST of the kids today have NEVER heard of THAT guy EITHER!!!)

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Well, MAYBE Dwight Freeney, as his NFL career is still somewhat active, OR maybe NBA's Dwight Howard, but are your seriously suggesting that there's THAT many kids today, and be they into sports or not, who would recognize a name who's glory years in their field took place BEFORE some clueless kid was even BORN, such as "Doc" Gooden or Dwight White???


(...surely you know most kids today think ANYTHING that happened in the world before they popped out of their Mommy's tummy "isn't worth knowing", RIGHT???!!!) LOL

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I agree with Jake that political correctness is the elephant in the room.


NOW, how much PC type of thinking actually impacted the outcome (i.e. influenced how people voted), is very hard to measure.


One cannot just say 'since 12 Years won, that proves voters were influenced by PC type of thinking'. Ellen's joke right at the start danced over this concept or one can also say ran it over with a truck, depending on ones POV here!

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Actually james, I suppose I have to agree with Jake's thought TOO here.


(...though I might add that it doesn't surprise me none that it would be the southern boy Jake who would bring this thought to the forefront in this discussion...might the phrase, "An ax to grind" be pertinent here???) ;)



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