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Are we going to be seeing the Dead End Kids anytime soon?


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Dear Jezebel38 and Others,


Later to-day on Turner Classic Movies there is going to be a Dead End Kids film as part of the John Garfield festival,"They Made Me A Criminal" directed by Mister Busby Berkeley with Mister Claude Rains interpreting a detective. The time in New York is at fifteen minutes past nine in the morning (9:15).


God Bless,

The Vortex

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What we probably WON'T see for a while are the Universal Dead End Kids and Little Tough Guys pictures. These films were in syndication for most of the 60's and into the early 70's. The first film, LITTLE TOUGH GUY, is public domain and you can see it on youtube. It's a very good drama with comedic overtones. Pretty shocking finale.


One of the rarest and most unusual is CODE OF THE STREETS starring Harry Carey, Frankie Thomas and the Little Tough Guys (Hally Chester, Harris Berger, Billy Benedict and David Gorcey). Paul Fix plays Thomas' older brother and has a knockout monologue in a jail cell.


Just last week I got in an old WOR-TV print (I could tell by the square cue punches in the upper left hand corner of the frame) of CALL A MESSENGER, a 1939 Universal with Halop, Hall and the Little Tough Guys. Very nice little B with Robert Armstrong, Anne Nagel and Victor Jory.


The nice thing about the Universal entries is that they look far better than their meager B budgets would suggest. And they have terrific music by Skinner, Salter and Previn.


One of my favorites is HIT THE ROAD, with Barton MacLane, Gladys George and Shemp Howard. Very funny with MacLane a hood going straight taking in the gang.


There's also MOB TOWN, MUG TOWN, GIVE US WINGS, YOU'RE NOT SO TOUGH and KEEP 'EM SLUGGING with Bobby Jordan leading the gang. Two Little Tough Guys-only films were LITTLE TOUGH GUYS IN SOCIETY and NEWSBOYS HOME with Jackie Cooper.


Back in the 80's, MCA took out a full page ad in the Hollywood Reporter and Broadcasting Magazine promoting the package of Dead End Kids features. No Little Tough Guy-only titles. Don't know who picked them up - certainly wasn't any New York station.


The Universal Kids also made three serials - JUNIOR G-MEN, JUNIOR G-MEN OF THE AIR and SEA RAIDERS.

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