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Welcome to the 25th TCM Programming Challenge!

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I realized that I very foolishly scheduled the voting to begin on April 1st, the day of my final dress rehearsal, and for the voting to last throughout performance week of my show. Needless to say I may not even go online that whole week and certainly won't have time to create a voting thread on April 1st. (This isn't an April Fools' joke, btw, don't let the date make you doubt my sincerity). So, I'll have to do something about that.


Therefore I'm extending the competition a whole week to end now a 11:59pm on Saturday April 5th (after my show closes). This is purely for me, but I hope this will benefit some of you as well. :)


Sorry if that makes me seem disorganized. You try to do Wizard of Oz from scratch!

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Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014


Directed by John Huston . . . Oh, Maybe Not


6:00 a.m. ? THREE STRANGERS (1946) BW-92 min. WB. Geraldine Fitzgerald, Sydney Greenstreet. D: Jean Negulesco. p/s

7:45 a.m. ? THE KILLERS (1946) BW-103 min. Universal. Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner. D: Robert Siodmak. p/s

9:30 a.m. ? THE STRANGER (1946) BW-115 min. RKO. Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson. D: Orson Welles. p/s

11:30 a.m. ? QUO VADIS (1951) C-171 min. MGM. Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr. D: Mervyn LeRoy. p/s

2:30 p.m. ? THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT (1969) C-132 min. WB. Katharine Hepburn, Charles Boyer. D: Bryan Forbes. p/s


Actually Directed by John Huston


4:45 p.m. ? THE MALTESE FALCON (1941) BW-100 min. WB. Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor. p/s

6:30 p.m. ? BEAT THE DEVIL (1953) BW-89 min. UA. Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones. p/s


Widows, Merry and Otherwise (Part 1)


8:00 p.m. ? WHAT A WAY TO GO (1964) C-111 min. Fox. Shirley MacLaine, Paul Newman. D: J. Lee Thompson. LP PREMIERE.

10:00 p.m. ? BLACK WIDOW (1987) C-102 min. Fox. Theresa Russell, Debra Winger. D: Bob Rafelson. PREMIERE #1.

11:45 p.m. ? SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS: THE MERRY WIDOW (1925). BW-137 min. MGM. Mae Murray, John Gilbert. D: Erich von Stroheim. p/s

2:15 a.m. ? TCM FILM IMPORTS: THE BRIDE WORE BLACK (1968). C-107 min. UA. Jeanne Moreau, Jean-Claude Brialy. D: Francois Truffaut. p/s

4:15 a.m. ? THE MERRY WIDOW (1934). BW-99 min. MGM. Jeanette MacDonald, Maurice Chevalier. D: Ernst Lubitsch. p/s


Monday, Feb. 17, 2014


Widows, Merry and Otherwise (Part 2)


6:00 a.m. ? BLACK WIDOW (1954) C-95 min. Fox. Ginger Rogers, Van Heflin. D: Nunnally Johnson. p/s

7:45 a,m, - THE MERRY WIDOW (1952) C-105 min. MGM. Lana Turner, Fernando Lamas. D: Curtis Bernhardt. p/s

9:30 a.m. ? SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943) BW-108 min. Universal. Joseph Cotton, Teresa Wright. D: Alfred Hitchcock. p/s


Behind the Scenes Challenge: Music by Bronislau Kaper


11:30 a.m. ? LILI (1953) C-81 min. MGM. Leslie Caron, Mel Ferrer. D: Charles Walters. p/s

1:00 p.m. ? A LIFE OF HER OWN (1950) BW-108 min. MGM. Lana Turner, Ray Milland. D: George Cukor. p/s

3:00 p.m. ? THAT FORSYTE WOMAN (1949) C-113 min. MGM. Greer Garson, Errol Flynn. D: Compton Bennett. p/s

5:00 p.m. ? MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (1962) C-178 min. MGM. Marlon Brando, Trevor Howard. D: Lewis Milestone. p/s


Sunset Blvd. Challenge #1 ? Hollywood Dystopia ? ?The Life of the Mind!?


8:00 p.m. ? PLAY IT AS IT LAYS (1972) C-99 min. Universal. Anthony Perkins, Tuesday Weld. D: Frank Perry. PREMIERE #2.

9:45 p.m. ? BARTON FINK (1991) C-116 min. Fox. John Turturro, John Goodman. D: Joel and Ethan Coen. PREMIERE #3.

11:45 p.m. ? THE DAY OF THE LOCUST (1975) C-144 min. Paramount. Donald Sutherland, William Atherton. D: John Schlesinger. PREMIERE #4.

2:15 a.m. ? IN A LONELY PLACE (1950) BW-94 min. Columbia. Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Grahame. D: Nicholas Ray. p/s

4:00 a.m. ?THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (1952) BW-118 min. MGM. Dick Powell, Gloria Grahame. D: Vincente Minnelli. p/s


Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014


Sunset Blvd. Challenge #2 ? The Cast of Sunset Blvd. in Other Movies


6:00 a.m. ? Fred Clark: HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE (1953) C-95 min. Fox. D: Jean Negulesco. p/s

7:45 a.m. ? Gloria Swanson: AIRPORT ?75 (1975) C-107 min. Universal. D: Jack Smight. PREMIERE #5.

9:45 a.m. ? Anna May Wong: SHANGHAI EXPRESS (1932) BW- 80 min. Paramount. D: Joseph von Sternberg. p/s

11:15 a.m. ? Nancy Olson: BATTLE CRY (1955) C-149 min. WB. D: Raoul Walsh. p/s

2:00 p.m. ? Erich von Stroheim: GRAND ILLUSION (1937) BW-114 min. RAC. D: Jean Renoir. p/s

4:00 p.m. ? Jack Webb: THE MEN (1950) BW-85 min. UA. D: Fred Zinnemann. p/s

5:30 p.m. ? William Holden: THE KEY (1958). BW-134 min. Columbia. D: Carol Reed. p/s


Star of the Month: Merle Oberon


8:00 p.m. ? DARK WATERS (1944) BW-90 min. UA. w/Franchot Tone. D: Andre De Toth. PREMIERE #6.

9:45 p.m. ? NIGHT SONG (1947) BW-102 min, RKO. w/Dana Andrews. D: John Cromwell. p/s

11:30 p.m. ? THE DARK ANGEL (1935) BW-106 min. w/Fredric March. UA. D: Sidney Franklin. p/s

1:30 a.m. ? THESE THREE (1936) BW-93 min. UA. w/Joel McCrea. D: William Wyler. p/s

3:15 a.m. ? FIRST COMES COURAGE (1943) BW-88 min. Columbia. w/Brian Aherne. D: Dorothy Arzner. p/s

4:45 a.m. ? DESIREE (1954) C-110 min. Fox. w/Marlon Brando. D: Henry Koster. p/s


Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014


Sunset Blvd. Challenge #3 ? Movies About Actresses


6:45 a.m. ? WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD? (1932) BW-88 min. RKO. w/Constance Bennett, Lowell Sherman. D: George Cukor. p/s

8:15 a.m. ? TWENTIETH CENTURY (1934) BW-91 min. Columbia. w/Carole Lombard, John Barrymore. D: Howard Hawks. p/s

10:00 a.m. ? DANGEROUS (1935) BW-79 min. WB. w/Bette Davis, Franchot Tone. D: Alfred E. Green. p/s

11:30 a.m. ? THE HARD WAY (1943) BW-109 min. WB. w/Ida Lupino, Joan Leslie. D: Vincent Sherman. p/s

1:30 p.m. ? THE VELVET TOUCH (1948) BW-100 min. RKO. w/Rosalind Russell, Leo Genn. p/s

4:45 p.m. ? HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS (1960) C-100 min. Paramount. w/Sophia Loren, Anthony Quinn. D: George Cukor. p/s

6:30 p.m. ? PERSONA (1966) BW- 83 min. Svensk. w/Liv Ullmann, Bibi Andersson. D: Ingmar Bergman. p/s


Sunset Blvd. Challenge #4 ?Swimming Pools


8:00 p.m. ? PALM SPRINGS WEEKEND (1963) C-100 min. WB. w/Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens. D: Norman Taurog. p/s

9:45 p.m. ? THE DROWNING POOL (1975) C-108 min. WB. w/Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward. D: Stuart Rosenberg. p/s

11:45 p.m. ? THE SWIMMER (1968) C-95 min. Columbia. w/Burt Lancaster, Janice Rule. D: Frank Perry. p/s

1:30 a.m. ? DEEP END (1970) C-88 min. Paramount. w/Jane Asher, John Moulder-Brown. D: Jerzy Skolimowski. p/s

3:00 a.m. ? UNDERWORLD USA (1961) BW-99 min. Columbia. w/Cliff Robertson, Dolores Dorn. D: Samuel Fuller. p/s

4:45 a,m, - DANGEROUS WHEN WET (1953) C-95 min. MGM. w/Esther Walters, Fernando Lamas. D: Charles Walters. p/s


Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014


A Tribute to Barbara Rush


6:30 a.m. ? ROBIN AND THE SEVEN HOODS (1964) C-123 min. WB. w/Frank Sinatra. D: Gordon Douglas. p/s

8:45 a.m. ? MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION (1954) C-108 min. Universal. w/Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman. D: Douglas Sirk. p/s

10:45 a.m. ? THE YOUNG PHILADELPHIANS (1959) BW-136 min. WB. w/Paul Newman. D: Vincent Sherman. p/s

1:15 p.m. ? BIGGER THAN LIFE (1956) C-95 min. Fox. w/James Mason. D: Nicholas Ray. p/s

3:00 p.m. ? THE YOUNG LIONS (1958) BW-167 min. Fox. w/Marlon Brando. D: Edward Dmytryk. p/s

6:00 p.m. ? HOMBRE (1967) BW-111 min. Fox. w/Paul Newman. D: Martin Ritt. PREMIERE #7.


My (Very Long) Dinner with Andre


8:00 p.m. ? D: Andre De Toth. RAMROD (1947) BW-95 min. UA. w/Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake. PREMIERE #8.

9:45 p.m. ? w/Andre the Giant. THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1987). C-98 min. Fox. D: Rob Reiner. PREMIERE #9.

11:30 p.m. ? Music by Andre Previn. THE CATERED AFFAIR. BW-92 min. MGM. w/Bette Davis, Ernest Borgnine. D: Richard Brooks. p/s

1:15 a.m. ? Mel Ferrer as Andre. WAR AND PEACE. C-208 min. Paramount. w/Audrey Hepburn. D: King Vidor. p/s

4:45 a.m. ? w/Andre Gregory. MY DINNER WITH ANDRE (1981) C-110. Saga. D: Louis Malle. p/s


Friday, Feb. 21, 2014


Sunset Blvd. Challenge #5 ? Older Woman/Younger Man: Consider the Possibilities


6:45 a.m. ? LAURA (1944) BW-88 min. Fox. Judith Anderson/Vincent Price. D: Otto Preminger. p/s

8:15 a.m. ? SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH (1962) C-120 min. MGM. Geraldine Page/Paul Newman. D: Richard Brooks. p/s

10:30 a.m. ? WHEN LADIES MEET (1941) BW-105 min. MGM. Alice Brady/Rafael Storm. D: Robert Z. Leonard. p/s

12:30 p.m. ? SUMMER OF ?42 (1971) C-102 min. WB. Jennifer O?Neill/Gary Grimes. D: Robert Mulligan. p/s PREMIERE #10.

2:15 p.m. ? CAMILLE (1936) BW-109 min. MGM. Greta Garbo/Robert Taylor. D: George Cukor. p/s

4:15 p.m. ? LOVE AND PAIN AND THE WHOLE DAMN THING (1973) C-110 min. Columbia. Maggie Smith/Timothy Bottoms. D: Alan J. Pakula. p/s

6:15 p.m. ? HAROLD AND MAUDE (1971) C-91 min. Paramount. Ruth Gordon/Bud Cort. D: Hal Ashby. p/s


Friday Night Spotlight: The 1950s Western


8:00 p.m. ? DAY OF THE OUTLAW (1959) BW-93 min. UA. w/Robert Ryan, Burl Ives. D: Andre De Toth. p/s

9:45 p.m. ? WARLOCK (1959) C-121 min. Fox. w/Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda. D: Edward Dmytryk. p/s

12:00 a.m. ? WESTWARD THE WOMEN (1951) BW-118 min. MGM. w/Robert Taylor, Denise Darcel. D: William Wellman. p/s

2:15 a.m. ? 3:10 TO YUMA (1957) BW-92 min. Columbia. w/Glenn Ford, Van Heflin. D: Delmer Daves. p/s

4:00 a.m. ? THE BIG SKY (1952) BW-140 min. RKO. w/Kirk Douglas, Dewey Martin. D: Howard Hawks. p/s


Saturday ? A Day of Essentials


6:30 a.m. ? ON THE TOWN (1949) C-98 min. MGM. w/Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra. D: Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly. p/s

8:15 a.m. ? MY MAN GODFREY (1936) BW-94 min. Universal. w/Carole Lombard, William Powell. D: Gregory La Cava. p/s

10:00 a.m. ? LOST HORIZON (1937) BW-132 min. Columbia. w/Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt. D: Frank Capra. p/s

12:15 p.m. ? THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (1975) C-129 min. Columbia. w/Michael Caine, Sean Connery. D: John Huston. p/s

2:30 p.m. ? SECONDS (1966) BW-106 min. Paramount. w/Rock Hudson, John Randolph. D: John Frankenheimer. p/s

4:30 p.m. ? MURDER, MY SWEET (1944) BW-95 min. RKO. w/Dick Powell, Claire Trevor. D: Edward Dmytryk. p/s

6:15 p.m. ? BONJOUR TRISTESSE (1958) C-94 min. Columbia. w/Jean Seberg, David Niven. D: Otto Preminger. p/s


8:00 p.m. ? THE ESSENTIALS: THE RED SHOES (1948) C-133 min. Rank. w/Moira Shearer, Anton Walbrook. D: Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger. p/s

10:30 p.m. ? THE KILLING (1956) BW-85 min. UA. w/Sterling Hayden, Marie Windsor. D: Stanley Kubrick. p/s

12:00 a.m. ? CHINATOWN (1974) C-130 min. Paramount. w/Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway. D: Roman Polanski. p/s


Saturday Night Underground


2:15 a.m. ? THE FOOL KILLER (1965) BW-99 min. Allied/AIP. w/Anthony Perkins, Dana Elcar. D: Servando Gonzalez.

4:00 a.m. ? PSYCHO (1960) BW-109 min. Paramount. w/Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh. D: Alfred Hitchcock. p/s

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The excellent book Warner Brothers Directors mentions several films which John Huston was supposed to direct but for various reasons did not, and I thought it would be interesting to consider them as ?what if? projects.


LonesomePolecat?s favorite What a Way To Go suggested widows as a theme, and I alternate merry widows and black widows, bringing the sequence to a close with Shadow of a Doubt. You may recall that Uncle Charlie is ?the Merry Widow killer.?


Sunset Blvd. can be deconstructed in many different ways, and I picked five in all because this turned out to be so much fun. First we have dark views of Hollywood as seen by characters who are screenwriters. Donald Sutherland plays a set designer rather than a screenwriter in The Day of the Locust, but this film seems a natural fit with the others. ?The life of the mind!? is a quote from Barton Fink. Tuesday morning offers movies featuring some of the cast of Sunset Blvd.


Merle Oberon makes a lovely Star of the Month, and not all of her best films, especially Dark Waters and Night Song, are as familiar as they ought to be. Wednesday leads us back to Sunset Blvd. and films about actresses, and I deliberately picked ones that speedracer had not chosen. Wednesday night returns to Sunset Blvd. to feature movies where swimming pools play an important role in at least one scene.


Thursday begins with a tribute to Robert Osborne?s good friend Barbara Rush and ends with movies inspired by the recent showing of My Dinner with Andre.

The Friday schedule has the last bloc of films inspired by Sunset Blvd., older woman/younger man pictures, and there are a great variety of situations, from true love to kept men to the relationship of Alice Brady and her gay young friend in When Ladies Meet. The Friday Night Spotlight salutes 1950s westerns, the great decade for this genre.


The recent discussion about the questionable choices of The Sugarland Express and I Love You, Alice B. Toklas as Essentials led me to consider which famous films had never been selected as Essentials, based on the lists drawn up by lzcutter and Kyle. Take a look at 10 movies never chosen, but which are Essentials in my book, with pride of place going to The Red Shoes. Finally, Saturday Night Underground presents a very obscure Anthony Perkins film, The Fool Killer, which is said to be similar in some regards to Psycho.

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Well then!


Looks like the boards will be "closed for renovation" on and off between April 1-4th, then who knows what bugs will be going on.


Plus I was reminded of the TCM Film Festival, a thing I have never been able to afford, even though I live here and really should try to just show up at someday (if they had a costume party where we could dress up like classic film characters, I'd sell my left leg to go--- just a thought, TCM).


Plus all you last minute-types have your takes due April 15.


What would y'all think of having the challenge end/voting begin on April 16 to accommodate all of this?

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Just popping in to say all the schedules so far are great! You're all to be congratulated!


I'd hoped to give detailed reviews, but I don't know if I'll get it done before Monday (just got back after an extended trip, so there's a lot for me to catch up on).


This is a great challenge, LonesomePolecat! I sorta thought about doing one when you extended the deadline, but there's no way I'd get it done before the upgrade.


Keep up the good work, everyone!

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I think that's a great idea!


(I have to admit to slowing down when I thought I'd have five extra days.) Right now I think I've got three days fully timed out, and idea for the rest of the daytimes and evenings.

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25 years is the Silver anniversary


0600 *The Silver Chalice* (1954, WB, 142 min) dir. Victor Saville; stars Paul Newman, Virginia Mayo, Jack Palance

0830 *Silver River* (1948, WB, 110 min) dir. Raoul Walsh, stars Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan, Thomas Mitchell

1030 *Silver Queen* (1942, UA, 80 min, p/s) dir Lloyd Bacon; stars George Brent, Priscilla Lane, Bruce Cabot

1200 *Silver Dollar* (1932, First National, 83 min) dir Alfred Green; stars Edward G. Robinson, Bebe Daniels, Aline MacMahon

1330 *The Silver Cord* (1933, RKO, 74 min, p/s) dir. John Cromwell; stars Irene Dunne, Joel McCrea, Laura Hope Crews

Short: An Intimate Dinner in Celebration of Warner Bros. Silver Jubilee (1930, WB, 11 min)

1500 *The Silver Horde* (1930, RKO, 75 min) dir. George Archainbaud; stars Evelyn Brent, Louis Wolheim, Joel McCrea

1630 *Silver Streak* (1976, Fox, 114 min) PREMIERE #1 dir. Arthur Hill; stars Gene Wilder, Jill Clayburgh, Richard Pryor

1830 *Silver Lode* (1954, RKO, 81 min) dir. Allan Dwan; stars John Payne, Lizabeth Scott, Dan Duryea


2000 *One Foot in Heaven* (1941, WB, 108 min) dir. Irving Rapper; stars Fredric March, Martha Scott, Beulah Bondi

2200 *One Foot in Hell* (1960, Fox, 90 min) PREMIERE #2 dir. James Clark; stars Alan Ladd, Don Murray, Dan O'Herlihy

Short: Hot Foot (1943, RKO, 17 min)


Silent Sunday Nights, and TCM Imports look at film preservation and restoration


0000 *The Exile* (1914, 68 min) EXEMPT dir. Michael Curtiz

0115 *After Midnight* (1927, MGM, 70 min) dir. Monta Bell; stars Norma Shearer, Lawrence Gray, Gwen Lee

0230 *All My Good Countrymen* (1969, Barrandov, 114 min) EXEMPT dir. Vojtech Jasny; stars Vlastimil Brodsky, Radoslav Brzobohatny, Vladimir Mensik

0430 *The Black Book* (1949, 89 min, p/s) dir. Anthony Mann; stars Robert Cummings, Richard Basehart, Arlene Dahl




25 is 5x5


0600 *Hondo* (1953, WB, 83 min) dir. John Farrow; stars John Wayne, Geraldine Page, Ward Bond

0730 *Janie* (1944, WB, 102 min) dir. Michael Curtiz; stars Joyce Reynolds, Robert Hutton, Edward Arnold

0915 *Julie* (1956, MGM, 99 min, p/s) dir. Andrew L. Stone; stars Doris Day, Louis Jourdan, Barry Sullivan

1100 *Marty* (1955, Columbia, 94 min, p/s) dir. Delbert Mann; stasr Ernest Borgnine, Betsy Blair, Jerry Paris

1245 *Laura* (1944, Fox, 88 min, p/s) dir. Otto Preminger; stars Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb


25 or 6 to 4


1415 *In Old Chicago* (1937, Fox, 111 min, p/s) dir. Henry King; stars Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Don Ameche

1615 *The Big Clock* (1948, Paramount, 95 min, p/s) dir. John Farrow; stars Charles Laughton, Ray Milland, Maureen O'Sullivan

1800 *Middle of the Night* (1959, Columbia, 118 min, p/s) dir. Delbert Mann; stars Kim Novak, Fredric March, Glenda Farrell



Monday night: Bridge night with the waxworks (Sunset Blvd. Challenge #1)


2000 *Mystery of the Wax Museum* (1933, WB, 77 min) dir. Michael Curtiz; stars Lionel Atwill, Glenda Farrell, Fay Wray

2130 *Animal Crackers* (1930, Paramount, 98 min, p/s) dir. Victor Heerman; stars Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx

2315 *Make Way for Tomorrow* (1937, Paramount, 91 min, p/s) dir. Leo McCarey; stars Victor More, Beulah Bondi, Thomas Mitchell

Short: Don't Play Bridge With Your Wife (1933, Mack Sennett, 18 min) PREMIERE #3

0115 *Smarty* (1934, WB, 64 min) dir. Robert Florey; stars Joan Blondell, Warren WIlliam, Edward Everett Horton

0230 A Bridge Too Far (1977, Joseph Levine, 175 min, p/s) dir. Richard Attenborough; stars Sean Connery, Dirk Bogarde, Gene Hackman

Short: A Ship is Born (1942, WB, 22 min)





A Salute to December 25


0600 *Blossoms in the Dust* (1941, MGM, 99 min) dir. Mervyn LeRoy; stars Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Feliz Bressart

0745 *Christmas in July* (1940, Paramount, 67 min, p/s) dir. Preston Sturges; stars Dick Powell, Ellen Drew, William Demarest

0900 *Gang War* (1958, Fox, 75 min) PREMIERE #4 dir. Gene Fowler; stars Charles Bronson, Kent Taylor, Jennifer Holden

Short: Around the World in California (1947, MGM, 10 min)

1030 *The Glenn Miller Story* (1954, Universal, 115 min, p/s) dir. Anthony Mann; stars James Stewart, June Allyson, Harry Morgan


Kislev 25


1230 *East of Eden* (1955, WB, 115 min) dir. Elia Kazan; stars James Dean, Julie Harris, Raymond Massey

1430 *A Majority of One* (1961, 149 min, p/s) dir. Mervyn LeRoy; stars Alec Guinness, Rosalind Russell, Ray Danton

1700 *The Diary of Anne Frank* (1959, Fox, 171 min, p/s) dir. George Stevens; stars Millie Perkins, Shelley Winters, Joseph Schildkraut



Tuesday: Star of the Month Melvyn Douglas


2000 *Hotel* (1967, WB, 124 min) dir. Richard Quine; stars Rod Taylor, Catherine Spaak, Melvyn Douglas

2215 *The Great Sinner* (1949, MGM, 110 min) dir. Robert Siodman; stars Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Melvyn Douglas

0015 *Theodora Goes Wild* (1936, Columbia, 94 min, p/s) dir. Richard Boleslawski; stars Irene Dunne, Melvyn Douglas, Thomas Mitchell

0200 *Third Finger, Left Hand* (1940, MGM, 96 min) dir. Robert Z. Leonard; stars Myrna Loy, Melvyn Douglas, Raymond Walbourn

0345 *The Sea of Grass* (1947, MGM, 123 min) dir. Elia Kazan; stars Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Melvyn Douglas




25 is one-quarter


0600 *Latin Quarter* (1946, British National, 80 min) PREMIERE #5 dir. Vernon Sewell; stars Derrick de Marney, Joan Greenwood, Frederic Valk

0730 *Night of the Quarter Moon* (1959, Zugsmith/MGM, 96 min) dir. Hugo Haas; stars Julie London, John Drew Barrymore, Dean Jones

0915 *The Milky Way* (1936, Paramount, 89 min, p/s) dir. Leo McCarey; stars Harold Lloyd, Adolphe Menjou, Verree Teasdale

1045 *Maid's Night Out* (1938, RKO, 64 min) dir. Ben Holmes; stars Joan Fontaine, Allan Lane, Cecil Kellaway

1200 *The Clock* (1945, MGM, 90 min) dir. Vincente Minnelli; stars Judy Garland, Robert Walker, James Gleason

Short: The Flag (1927, Technicolor/MGM, 20 min, p/s)

1400 *The Howards of Virginia* (1940, Columbia, 116 min, p/s) dir. Frank Lloyd; stars Cary Grant, Martha Scott, George Houston


William McKinley, 25th President


1600 *The Best Man* (1964, 102 min, p/s) dir. Franklin Schaffner; stars Henry Fonda, Cliff Robertson, Kevin McCarthy

Short: Teddy, the Rough Rider (1940, WB, 19 min)

1815 *This is My Affair* (1937, Fox, 100 min, p/s) dir. William Seiter; stars Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, Victor McLaglen


Wednesdy night: Based on works by Ferenc Molnar (Sunset Blvd. Challenge #3)


2000 *Tales of Manhattan* (1942, Fox, 127 min, LP PREMIERE) dir. Julien Duvivier; stars Charles Boyer, Charles Laughton, WC Fields

2215 *One, Two, Three* (1961, Mirisch, 115 min, p/s) dir. Billy Wilder; stars James Cagney, Horst Buchholz, Pamela Tiffin

0015 *The Guardsman* (1931, MGM, 82 min) dir. Sidney Franklin; stars Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne, Roland Young

0145 *The Swan* (1956, MGM, 104 min) dir. Charles Vidor; stars Grace Kelly, Alec Guinness, Louis Jourdan

0345 *Carousel* (1956, Fox, 126 min, p/s) dir. Henry King; stars Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, Cameron Mitchell





25 years previously


0600 *Valmont* (1989, Renn, 137 min) PREMIERE #6 dir. Milos Forman; stars Colin Firth, Annette Bening, Meg Tilly

0830 *Parenthood* (1989, 124 min, p/s) dir. Ron Howard; stars Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen, Diane Wiest

1045 *Muscle Beach Party* (1964, 94 min, p/s) dir. William Asher; stars Frankie Avalon, Annette Funnicello, Jody McCrea

1230 *Strait-Jacket* (1964, Columbia, 93 min, p/s) dir. William Castle; stars Joan Crawford, George Kennedy, Diane Baker

1415 *Espionage Agent* (1939, WB, 83 min) dir. Lloyd Bacon; stars Joel McCrea, Brenda Marshall, Jeffrey Lynn

1545 *Dancing Co-Ed* (1939, MGM, 84 min) dir. S. Sylvain Simon; stars Ann Rutherford, Lana Turner, Richard Carlson

1715 *Tilly's Punctured Romance* (1914, Keystone, 82 min, p/d) dir. Mack Sennett; stars Marie Dressler, Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand

1845 *The Squaw Man* (1914, Lasky, 74 min, p/d) dir. Cecil B. DeMille; stars Dustin Farnum, Monroe Salisbury, Winifred Kingston



As Good As It Gets: The hairstyles of Helen Hunt (Sunset Blvd. Challenge #2)


2000 *Assignment: Paris* (1952, Columbia, 85 min, p/s) dir. Robert Parrish; stars Dana Andrews, George Sanders, Audrey Totter

2130 *Storm Center* (1956, Julian Blaustein, 85 min, p/s) dir. Daniel Taradash; stars Bette Davis, Brian Keith, Kevin Coughlin

2300 *Jeanne Eagels* (1957, Columbia, 108 min, p/s) dir. George Sidney; stars Kim Novak, Jeff Chandler, Agnes Moorehead

0100 *The Solid Gold Cadillac* (1956, Columbia, 99 min, p/s) dir. Richard Quine; stars Judy Holliday, Paul Douglas, Fred Clark

0245 *Queen Bee* (1955, Columbia, 95 min, p/s) dir. Ranald MacDougall; stars Joan Crawford, Barry Sullivan, Fay Wray

0430 *It Should Happen to You!* (1954, Columbia, 86 min, p/s) dir. George Cukor; stars Judy Holliday, Peter Lawford, Jack Lemmon




A salute to the 25th letter of the alphabet


0600 *Yojimbo* (1961, Kurosawa, 110 min, p/s) dir. Akira Kurosawa, stars Toshiro Mifune, Tatsuya Nakudai, Yoko Tsukasa

0800 *Yes, My Darling Daughter* (1939, WB, 86 min) dir. William Keighley; stars Priscilla Lane, Jeffrey Lynn, Roland Young

0930 *Young at Heart* (1954, WB, 117 min) dir. Gordon Douglas; stars Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Gig Young

Short: You Can't Win (1948, MGM, 8 min)

1145 *You Can't Take It With You* (1938, Columbia, 126 min, p/s) dir. Frank Capra; stars James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore

1400 *Yankee Doodle Dandy* (1942, WB, 126 min) dir. Michael Curtiz; stars James Cagney, Joan Leslie, Walter Huston

1615 *Yellow Sky* (1948, Fox, 95 min) PREMIERE #7 dir. William Wellman, stars Gregory Peck, Anne Baxter, Richard Widmark

1800 *Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow* (1963, CCC, 119 min, p/s) dir. Vittorio da Sica; stars Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Aldo Giuffre


Lights, Camera, Inaction: A look at lighting in the movies


2000 *The Dambusters* (1955, Associated British Pictures, 124 min p/s) dir. Michael Anderson; stars Michael Redgrave, Ursula Jeans, Charles Carson

2215 *Family Plot* (1976, Universal, 120 min) dir. Alfred Hitchcock; stars Karen Black, Bruce Dern, William Devane

Short: Night Descends on Treasure Island (1940, MGM, 8 min)

0030 *Red Light* (1949, p/s, 83 min) dir. Roy Del Ruth; stars George Raft, Virginia Mayo, Raymond Burr

0200 *Gaslight* (1940, British National, 84 min, p/s) dir. Thorold Dickinson; stars Anton Walbrook, Diana Wynyard, Frank Pettingell

Short: Star in the Night (1945, WB, 22 min)

0400 *Wait Until Dark* (1967, WB, 108 min) dir. Terence Young; stars Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin, Richard Crenna




A salute to people born in '25


0600 *Detective Story* (1951, Paramount, 103 min, p/s) dir. William Wyler; stars Kirk Douglas, Eleanor Parker, Lee Grant

0745 *Desk Set* (1957, Fox, 103 min, p/s) dir. Walter Lang; stars Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Dina Merrill

0930 *So Long at the Fair* (1950, Gainsborough, 86 min, p/s) dir. Antony Darnborough; stars Jean Simmons, Dirk Bogard, Honor Blackman

1100 *The Killer That Stalked New York* (1950, Columbia, 79 min, p/s) dir. Earl McEvoy; stars Evelyn Keyes, Charles Korvin, Dorothy Malone

1230 *The Big Combo* (1955, Security, 84 min, p/s) dir. Joseph H. Lewis; stars Cornel Wilde, Richard Conte, Lee Van Cleef

1400 *Man's Castle* (1933, Columbia, 69 min, p/s) dir. Frank Borzage; stars Spencer Tracy, Loretta Young, Dickie Moore

1515 *No Name on the Bullet* (1959, Universal, 77 min, p/s) dir. Jack Arnold, stars Audie Murphy, Virginia Grey, Warren Stevens

1645 *Woman's World* (1954, Fox, 94 min) PREMIERE #8 dir. Jean Negulesco; stars Clifton Webb, June Allyson, Arlene Dahl

1830 *Behave Yourself!* (1951, Wald/Krasna, 81 min, p/s) dir. George Beck; stars Farley Granger, Shelley Winters, William Demarest


Jane Withers/TCM Underground


2000 *Bright Eyes* (1934, Fox, 85 min, p/s) dir. David Butler; stars Shirley Temple, James Dunn, Jane Withers

2130 *The North Star* (1943, Goldwyn, 108 min, p/s) dir. Lewis Milestons; stars Amme Baxter, Dana Andrews, Jane Withers

2330 *Giant* (1956, WB, 201 min) dir. George Stevens; stars Dennis Hopper, Rodney Taylor, Jane Withers


TCM Underground:


0300 *Salo* (1975, PEA, 116 min) EXEMPT: Dir. Pier Paolo Pasolini; stars Paolo Bonacelli, Giorgio Cataldi, Aldo Valetti

0500 *Some of the Best* (1943, MGM, 49 min)

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This being the 25th TCM Programming Challenge, I decided to see how many references to the number 25 I could jam into the schedule. So, you'll see that the daytimes are chock-full of groan-inducing homages to 25. 25 years is the silver anniversary, so I spent Sunday morning and afternoon with movies whose titles start with the word "Silver".


Monday morning should be clear; five movies with one-word, five-letter titles to make up 25 letters. As for the afternoon, "25 or 6 to 4" refers to an old song by the group Chicago. Hence *In Old Chicago*, a movie about a big clock, and the middle of the night.


Christmas is December 25, so we'll have a couple of movies that reference Christmas or have scenes set at Christmas, but aren't particularly Christmassy, on November 25. In the Hebrew calendar, 25 Kislev is the date of the contretemps between Cain and Abel, so I figured East of Eden would fit for that. It's also the first full day of Hanukkah, so there are two movies that have Hanukkah scenes.


25 percent is one-quarter, so on Wednesday we'll have a couple of movies that have the word "quarter" in the title. That will be followed by men who deal in quarter-gallons: milkmen. Finally, George Washington is on the US quarter-dollar coin, so a few titles that have him.


William McKinley, the 25th US President, is really only in two movies. In *This is My Affair* he sends Robert Taylor out to find criminals in Minnesota, while in the short he gets assassinated, leading to the Theodore Roosevelt presidency. *The Best Man* is a cheat: the opening credits play out over a montage of the portraits of all the presidents. But I'm not above cheating.


On Thursday, we go back 25 years in time, from 2014 to 1989, then to 1964, to 1939, and 1914. I didn't have any time left to include the Oscar-nominated films of 1889.


Y is the 25th letter of the English alphabet, so on Friday morning and afternoon we have a bunch of movies whose titles begin with the letter Y. At least, in English they do.


Saturday sees movies with people born in 1925, at least according to IMDb: in order, those people are Lee Grant, Dina Merrill, Honor Blackman, Lee Van Cleef, Dickie Moore, Audie Murphy, Arlene Dahl, and Farley Granger.


And now for prime time. Sunday before Silent Sunday Nights begins with a double feature of movies that really deserve to be paired. Finding that there was a short called *Hot Foot* was a serendipitous bonus. Silent Sunday Nights and TCM Imports deal with the importance of film preservation and restoration. *The Exile* is one of Hungarian director Mihaly Kertesz' earliest movies; he would later go to the States and have a successful career. One of the IMDb reviews for *After Midnight* suggested the print was lousy; I haven't seen it but I needed a silent of that length with a lousy print so I included it. *All My Good Countrymen* is undergoing a restoration which is set to premier at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival later this spring. *The Black Book*, every time I've seen it on TCM, has had a woeful print that really needs a restoration.


Monday night sees the first of the *Sunset Blvd.* challenges. I was going to use dopes who get the swimming pools they always wanted, but somebody else took that. So instead, I thought about the scene in which Norma Desmond plays bridge with her former silent stars, whom Joe Gillis calls the "waxworks". Therefore, we have a movie about a waxworks, followed by movies with scenes of contract bridge playing (one of the characters in *Make Way for Tomorrow* gives bridge lessons). As you can see, I got a little carried away with bridge.


For the previous challenge, I limited myself to films released in 1960 or later. One of the people I had considered for Star of the Month was Melvyn Douglas, since he won both his Oscars after 1960 and made enough movies later in his career to have an entire evening devoted to his post-1960 work. But I had wanted to use Rod Taylor in *101 Dalmatians*, so Melvyn Douglas had to wait until this Programming Challenge.


Wednesday night sees another of the *Sunset Blvd.* challenges, the one that Lonseome Polecat listed #3, that being to use one of her exempt premieres from a set list. Hungarian-born playwright Ferenc Molnar wrote one of the segments of *Tales of Manhattan*, so I used that film as a jumping-off point for a night of movies based on his work.


Thursday night sees the last of the *Sunset Blvd.* challenges, looking for a night of movies honoring an off-camera person. I selected Helen Hunt, a hairstylist at Columbia in the 1950s and 1960s.


The Friday Night Spotlight is lighting in the movies. This particular Friday night deals with movies in which a light fixture is a key part of the plot. Our British flyboys have a major insight whne they see two theater spotlights working together in *The Dam Busters*. A crystal chandelier is important at the end of Alfred Hitchcock's *Family Plot*. In *Red Light*, the climax is set on a sign in lights for a trucking company. *Gaslight* deals with the lights going dim leading the female lead to believe something's going on. And in *Wait Until Dark*, there's a refrigerator light that Audrey Hepburn forgets to unscrew.


The TCM Essential is *Bright Eyes*, which I think makes a good essential since it's really the first of the movies with the Shirley Temple formula. However, I decided to use it to kick off a night of Jane Withers movies, since she gets all the fun scenes in the movie.


I don't know if TCM can air *Salo* or if it's too much for them to air. (I really thought about *Caligula*, but that's probably further over the line.) Since I had a free hour left, I'd figure I'd contrast Pasolini's challenging work with the whitewashed glitz of MGM.


I believe I used eight out of a possible 10 premieres:


*Silver Streak*

*One Foot in Hell*

*Don't Play Bridge With Your Wife*

*Gang War*

*Latin Quarter*


*Yellow Sky*

*Woman's World*

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Fedya, what a delightful schedule. I enjoyed all the ways you played with "25." I'm so glad that your Jane Withers tribute included The North Star, which shows that she could be an excellent dramatic actress. Melvyn Douglas is one of those useful Stars of the Month who gives us access to a half-century or more of movie history.


The "bridge with the waxworks" idea was also a lot of fun.

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You have created a wonderful schedule! I like very much many of the movies you choose. Your Saturday of Essentials is particularly great. I wish very much that TCM would have Merle Oberon as: Star of the Month!

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You have created a wonderful schedule also! I love your variations on a theme. I love very much also your wit in your: Program Notes. "I didn't have any time left to include the Oscar-nominated films of 1889." is a very likely excuse!

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It's ironic that you guys went to all the trouble to put asterisks around movie titles and such to make them bold, and now they don't register that way anymore. I wonder what the new "coding" is to make things bold, italics, etc (for those of us who type our schedules in Word then paste them in here) --anyone figured that out yet?

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It's ironic that you guys went to all the trouble to put asterisks around movie titles and such to make them bold, and now they don't register that way anymore. I wonder what the new "coding" is to make things bold, italics, etc (for those of us who type our schedules in Word then paste them in here) --anyone figured that out yet?





In the Fast Reply and the Full Reply Windows, there are buttons for Bold, Italics and Underline. Don't know if your Word Compositions will carry over but if not, you can use those buttons or use brackets at the beginning and end of what you want bolded, italicized or underlined.


For Bold the code is  b bracketed at the beginning and then /b in brackets at the end

For Itaclized the code is i bracketed at the beginning and then /i in brackets at the end

For Underline the code is u bracketed at the beginning and /u in brackets at the end.


Hope that helps!

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