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Rock Hudson as SOTM June 2014


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_JUNE 5_

THE LAST SUNSET (1961) with Kirk Douglas

GUN FURY (1953) with Donna Reed

THE TARNISHED ANGELS (1959) with Dorothy Malone

HORNET'S NEST (1970) with Sylva Koscina

BEND OF THE RIVER (1952) with James Stewart

WINCHESTER '73 (1950) with James Stewart


_JUNE 6_

FIGHTER SQUADRON (1948) with Edmond O'Brien


_JUNE 12_

MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION (1954) with Jane Wyman

ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS (1955) with Jane Wyman

GIANT (1956) with Elizabeth Taylor

SOMETHING OF VALUE (1957) with Sidney Poitier

A FAREWELL TO ARMS (1957) with Jennifer Jones


_JUNE 13_

WRITTEN ON THE WIND (1957) with Lauren Bacall

SEA DEVILS (1953) with Yvonne de Carlo


_JUNE 19_

PILLOW TALK (1959) with Doris Day

LOVER COME BACK (1961) with Doris Day

SEND ME NO FLOWERS (1964) with Doris Day

COME SEPTEMBER (1961) with Gina Lollobrigida

MAN'S FAVORITE SPORT? (1964) with Paula Prentiss


_JUNE 26_

A FINE PAIR (1969) with Claudia Cardinale

PRETTY MAIDS IN A ROW (1971) with Angie Dickinson

ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968) with Ernest Borgnine

SECONDS (1966) with John Randolph

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I'd guess that in previous years, TCM could not lease some of the Universal titles that Rock Hudson fans would hope to see. In this past year movies like All That Heaven Allows and Magnificent Obsession have finally been appearing on the TCM schedule.

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Not included:


UNDERTOW (1949) with Scott Brady..9th billed


ONE WAY STREET (1950) with James Mason..uncredited

I WAS A SHOPLIFTER (1950) with Scott Brady..11th billed

PEGGY (1950) with Diana Lynn..6th billed

THE DESERT HAWK (1950) with Yvonne de Carlo..5th billed

SHAKEDOWN (1950) with Howard Duff..8th billed

TOMAHAWK (1951) with Yvonne de Carlo..8th billed

AIR CADET (1951) with Stephen McNally..7th billed

THE FAT MAN (1951) with Julie London..3rd billed

BRIGHT VICTORY (1951) with Arthur Kennedy..18th billed

IRON MAN (1951) with Jeff Chandler..4th billed

HERE COME THE NELSONS (1952) with the Nelson family..5th billed

SCARLET ANGEL (1952) with Yvonne de Carlo..Top billed


HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL (1952) with Piper Laurie..2nd billed

HORIZONS WEST (1952) with Robert Ryan..3rd billed

THE LAWLESS BREED (1953) with Julie Adams..Top billed

SEMINOLE (1953) with Barbara Hale..Top billed

THE GOLDEN BLADE (1953) with Piper Laurie..Top billed

BACK TO GOD'S COUNTRY (1953) with Steve Cochran..Top billed

TAZA, SON OF COCHISE (1954) with Barbara Rush..Top billed

BENGAL BRIGADE (1954) with Arlene Dahl..Top billed

CAPTAIN LIGHTFOOT (1955) with Barbara Rush..Top billed

ONE DESIRE (1955) with Anne Baxter..2nd billed

NEVER SAY GOODBYE (1956) with Cornell Borchers..Top billed

BATTLE HYMN (1957) with Anna Kashfi..Top billed

TWILIGHT FOR THE GODS (1958) with Cyd Charisse..Top billed

THIS EARTH IS MINE (1959) with Jean Simmons..Top billed


THE SPIRAL ROAD (1962) with Burl Ives..Top billed

A GATHERING OF EAGLES (1963) with Rod Taylor..Top billed

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS (1965) with Gina Lollobrigida..Top billed

A VERY SPECIAL FAVOR (1965) with Leslie Caron..Top billed

BLINDFOLD (1965) with Claudia Cardinale..Top billed

TOBRUK (1967) with George Peppard..Top billed

THE UNDEFEATED (1969) with John Wayne..2nd billed


DARLING LILI (1970) with Julie Andrews..2nd billed

SHOWDOWN (1973) with Dean Martin..Top billed

EMBRYO (1976) with Barbara Carrera..Top billed

AVALANCHE (1978) with Mia Farrow..Top billed


THE MIRROR CRACK'D (1980) with Angela Lansbury..4th billed

THE AMBASSADOR (1984) with Robert Mitchum..3rd billed

THE VEGAS STRIP WAR (1984) with Sharon Stone..Top billed

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> I didnt realize he made so many films.....


Plus, he made 40 of those MacMillan mysteries in the 1970s-- at 76 minutes each (a 90-minute episode minus commercials) that is like his turning out 40 B-movies in a six-year span.


He was a _very_ prolific screen artist. This SOTM tribute is just scratching the surface. He could (and should) easily be given this honor again.

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One movie I'm excited to.see.on the schedule is 1953's.SEA DEVILS. I havent seen this in a long.time, I think since.the glory days of AMC. Hudson made this abroad on loan to RKO, with costar.Yvonne DeCarlo. Raoul Walsh directed this Victor.Hugo tale.set.in Napoleonic Europe.

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I've got to say, your list of what ISN'T included is far more interesting to me than the list of what is. An evening of sex comedies which have already been shown with some regularity won't console me for the fact that we won't be seeing "This Earth Is Mine" with Rock, Jean Simmons, Dorothy McGuire and Claude Rains. Or the Sirk-like but non-Sirk "Never Say Goodbye". Or "Twilight For The Gods" with Cyd Charisse. I'm not sure whether TCM is on record as to what the mission of the Star of the Month series is, other that just showing any old films by the chosen artist, and I know it's unrealistic to expect too scholarly an approach from the channel. But, personally, I feel we were gyped on this one.

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>other that just showing any old films by the chosen artist, and I know it's unrealistic to expect too scholarly an approach from the channel. But, personally, I feel we were gyped on this one.


Staffers have said that when it comes to SOTM, they approach the studios with a comprehensive list of films they would like to rent.


Unfortunately for TCM, what the studios have available for rental is not always the harder to see films but the more well known titles.


This has long been a problem for TCM as well as the studios for the last ten years and will continue to be a problem going forward until the film studios get more of their film libraries transferred to digital. And there is no guarantee, and it is very likely, that many not so well known films or those in less demand may not be transferred to digital any time soon.


The other constraint that TCM has is budgetary and it may be that the studios would make a lesser known title or two available if TCM would help cover the cost of making the digital master. And those costs may be beyond TCM's budget.

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You're right, of course, and I totally get it. It's just frustrating that, as time goes on, the body of work can shrink for any given actor or actress, so that you just keep seeing the same few films recycled. I was particularly disappointed in the case of Rock Hudson, because he was an actor who legitimately reinvented himself a number of times over his career and it would be nice to see that better represented, rather than just have mostly the same "go-to" films. I don't blame TCM and I'm sure the frustrations they encounter on a daily basis would turn my own hair gray (except it is already). I'll just have to do what I've always done, scour the schedules for the stray "missing" films which turn up from time to time. Sometimes the SD channels show unexpected movies, though they're usually old pan-and-scan prints. I grew up watching black and white TV with either myself or one of my brothers holding the rabbit ears if reception got iffy, so I can still enjoy a less-than-perfect image if it's something I really want to see.

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Encore Western has also shown "Seminole" and "The Lawless Breed". "Taza" was done in 1954, so it was a wider screen, though not CinemaScope, maybe because they were dealing with 3-D as well and I don't think there were any 3-D CinemaScope films. It's available on The TCM Filmmakers Douglas Sirk set, which also has "Captain Lightfoot" and "The Tarnished Angels " in 'Scope.

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GUN FURY has been removed from the schedule. This means that the evening of June 5th has one less Hudson film, and FIGHTER SQUADRON, which had been slated for an early morning spot on the 6th, moves up.


Hopefully, GUN FURY will air at a later point on TCM. It's a great western and I was looking forward to it.



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