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Current 3/13/14 news map of lost airliner search area in the Indian Ocean:



Bing map of location of fictional Skull Island. (Click several times on negative symbol to zoom out):


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"There aren't supposed to be any mysteries in the Digital Age. The answers to most questions, it seems, can be found using Google or Twitter. So, maybe that's why the world is captivated by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and why it has created a legion of armchair sleuths, spouting theories in some cases so strange they belong in science-fiction films."


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Well, MY take on it is one of three possibilities:


1. Someone or something was on the wing of the plane before it went down.


2. It was highjacked by the same villian in "Thunderball".


3. Obamacare is to blame.



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Joking aside :), looks like for some reason the plane changed course and may have crashed in the Indian Ocean. A needle in a haystack.



Here is another case of things never appear as they seem


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>Now they are thinking it was pirates ( but what are they going to do with that plane?)


I think the plane had the range to fly to Somalia. Maybe some group planned to hold it and the passengers for ransom.


However, there has been so much conflicting information in the media, I don't think anyone knows what happened to it yet. OR, someone might know but might be withholding the information. There are too many governments involved with this information, and they don't always work well together and each one probably wants to be "in charge".


It still could be a loss of cabin pressure and a loss of oxygen, and everyone on board could have died, with the airplane flying around by itself. This has happened at least twice to other planes in the past 20 years. One an airliner in Europe and another a private jet in the US. Both crashed with everyone on board already unconscious or dead because of hypoxia.







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Ham, what do you think of the latest Red Arc theory that news programs have been reporting all day? Many reports incorrectly said the plane flew in this arc, either to the north or south. This is NOT correct. Do you know what the arc means? It has to do with the last satellite ping signal received from the airplane.


The news reporters are talking as if ALL the satellite pings came from the airplane flying along that arc, but that is not correct. According to the New York Times article, this arc represents only the distance from the satellite at the time of the LAST ping.





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See these quotes from a New York Times report:


"The Malaysian authorities released a map showing that the last satellite signal received from the plane had been sent from a point somewhere along one of two arcs spanning large distances across Asia."




"The satellite can "see" in an arc that stretches to the north and south of its fixed position, but without GPS it can say only how far away the ping is, not where it is coming from, the person said."




>The "Red Arc" is simply the 360 degree radius from the vantage point of the satellite in which the plane could had flown with the available fuel.


That is correct. The arc shows the radius of the satellite signal travel-distance from the airplane to the satellite and the satellite to the airplane, at the time of the last known ping transmission. 7 or so hours into the flight.


But many of the news reporters are saying the arc represents the flight path of the airplane. They don't seem to understand that the flight path could have been a straight line, while the arc represents the radius of the distance of travel of the satellite signal.


What needs to be added to the illustrations is the 5 to 7 hours flying time. Where that crosses the arc, that is where the last signal was received. The plane could have flown to that point in a straight line.




THIS JUST IN... :) Ok, one expert just finally said that on CNN. The flight path could have been a straight line, but he said we should search for the airplane at the ends of the arcs, because that is where the plane would have run out of fuel. That is the first correct statement about the arcs I've heard all day. :)

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Rule out land and that's where the plane is. That makes about 27,000 square nautical miles (surface) not including the depth. The deepest point of the Indian Ocean (where the plane might have crashed) is in Java Trench, it is 25,344 feet deep. The average depth is 13,002 feet.


The searchers are going to need all of the luck in the world.

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>How far the plane could have flown?


"Malaysia said new data showed the last communication between the missing plane and satellites at 8:11 a.m. (0011 GMT), almost seven hours after it turned back and crossed the Malay peninsula."


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