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Many aircraft have disappeared:



The most reasonable to my mind scenario which I have heard is that it was an attempt to hijack, land at a covert field and hold it and the passengers for ransom but that it crashed. All of the publicly known facts fit such a scenario.


Or it may be the first entrant in the International Airline Hide-and-Seek Championships.

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Fred, aren't you thrilled that the posse thinks this is all as hilarious as you think it is?


Why am I not surprised.


Hey, laurelnhardy, it should be no surprise to you either when your very valid posts are met with an opposing onslaught from the posse.


Deleting your original insensitive post doesn't make it go away, Fred. Nice try, though. The families of 227 passengers and 12 crew members of Flight 370 might take issue with your original post. At *least* you should have had the courage of your convictions to leave it stand.

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I think I did the right thing by deleting my first two posts. It was "too soon". But now, after all the news media speculation and circus, it is no longer "too soon".


I sure hate to fly. I've managed not to fly during the past 21 years. Too frightening today, with both crazy passengers AND crazy pilots, and airplane computers that do odd things. When my home computer does something odd and crashes, I usually survive that.


Back in the 1980s and early 90s, I used to land at and take off from this place, with one of the world's shortest runways:



A hard landing at Tegucigalpa Airport:



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What do you think about Xinjiang Uygur as a final destination for the airplane? A terrorist group based there was the one that killed all the Chinese people by stabbing at a train station a couple of weeks ago.


A route from the Andaman Sea to Southwest Xinjiang Uygur would cross the satellite transmission arc at about that place, after about 5 hours flying time at 550 MPH, if we figure 7 hours total from takeoff to end of fuel.


This would end up at the far Northeast side of Afghanistan, where Afghanistan meets Southwest Xinjiang Uygur. This would be a Route just East of India, and over Nepal and Tibet. There is not much radar coverage of that area of the world.




Edited by: FredCDobbs on Mar 16, 2014 3:08 PM

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Okay, I'm going to post my two best theories on what happened:


1. Shangrila is recruiting again.


2. Putin had it done, to keep the world's media focused on the search, rather than the fact that he is about to invade eastern Ukraine.


Willbefree25, of course this is a tragedy. I'm not mocking the loss of the people, I'm mocking us poor humans who are trying to figure out what happened. We think we have all these powers, but it's at times like this that we find out we don't, not really.

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