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Murder She Said 1961


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I recently learned that the actor, Ronnie Raymond (character of Alexander) had his voice dubbed-in by Martin Stephens who starred as the leader of the alien children (David) in the classic Village of the Damned. Does anyone know what the reason for another child actor's voice being dubbed in place of the actual actor? Very curious. I can only think that the actor (Ronnie Raymond) was not available for looping that day so they went with Martin Stephens.

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If only we could find some examples of Ronnie Raymond's real voice we might have some insight as to why his voice was dubbed in MURDE-R SHE SAID.


The problem is that MURDE-R SHE SAID seems to be the only feature film he appeared in.

His only other work was on a few British TV shows and TV movies and I can't find any video footage of these on the internet.



NOTE: I had to type MURDE-R because **** was bleeped out.

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Guest johnm_001

You have to wonder why they didn't just get Martin Stephens for the film?  Over the years, many people have said that Martin Stephens is dubbed in VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED.  However, I once read an interview with him, where he said he went in and re-dubbed his own voice, because the director felt it gave him more of an otherwordly quality.  I remember  seeing MURDE R SHE SAID, when it was in theaters, and saying to everyone that he sounded exactly like David from VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (which was my favorite film, in 1961, and remains in my top 3 favorites, still).  Completely ridiculous that it ****out the word murde r!

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