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Now Playing had *The Maltese Falcon* scheduled for 8:00 tonight. So does the online schedule, and so does the FIOS program guide.


So why am I seeing it now on my screen, at 11:33 PM? What movie actually ran at 8:00?

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It aired as scheduled, followed by ACROSS THE PACIFIC which just ended.


That's what it says on my program guide, too, but that's not what just finished showing on my TV screen. I just finished watching Bogart send Astor away a few minutes ago. Maybe it's just a Washington area or FIOS thing, but since I was torturing myself with a previously recorded Red Skelton movie during the 8:00 time slot, I have no idea what was actually showing here at that point. I only know that on my set The Maltese Falcon ran at 10:00. And since I didn't see the introduction, I wouldn't have seen any possible explanation for the switch.

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Two days after we reset the clocks, we here in Detroit get ANOTHER six inches of snow, and arctic temperatures!


And in the former swampland known as Washington, D.C., it's 12:25 pm and the temperature is 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

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