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Your Favorite Latest Movie?


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I am sorry to say that I believe that I do not understand the question fully.


The movie which most recently gained a place on my list of favorite movies is: *The Golden Key* (1939). I have liked it very much since I saw it for the first time as a child. I have rediscovered it after not watching it for several years.


It is now on my list of favorite movies because I have learned so much of movie-making techniques in recent years that I have a greater appreciation for the way it explored the boundaries of what it was possible to film. I understand now also the brilliance of the director and cinematographer.


The movie which is the most recently made which is on my list of favorites is: *Saawariya* (2007). It is a very touching movie. All of the elements of plot, characters and cinematography are so well done that they draw me into a wonderful world. I believe that it is a movie which should be watched by all people who have ever loved a person who can not be theirs.


I am sorry if neither of these address your meaning of: "Favorite Latest" movie.

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I assume the question is about a movie we have recently seen that we felt was really great. It could be one we have seen before but since we have recently seen it we were reminded how good the movie was.


Anyhow, that is how I'm reading the question. My answer; Dodsworth.


Saw it again as part of Mary Astor being Star of the Month. The movie just really moves me. How the screenplay deals with the subject matter under the production code is really fantastic.

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If we're going by what jamesjazzguitar said, in responding to the question "what's your favorite movie you've watched recently?" :


I'd have to say right now it's "Gentleman Jim." I've watched it a few times so far, including yesterday, because hey, it's about an Irish family and it was St. Patrick's Day, so it was a great movie choice (lol)! Aside from my obsession with Errol Flynn, I found this movie to be very entertaining and well made. I've already made my family watch it, as well as a couple friends of mine. I also just found out that on May 28, a local theater in town is going to be featuring "Gentleman Jim" as part of their "Wednesday Evening Film Series." I know what I'll be doing that night!


If we're going by "what is the most recently made movie that we liked?" I'm going to have to go with a more lowbrow choice and say "The Lego Movie." My husband and I saw it a couple weeks ago and it was awesome. I know some people will say "a movie made starring lego people? how dumb!" but it was a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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