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Please!! Can't find the title!


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Before my dad passed away ten years ago one of the last movies we watched was about a woman who is seeing someone but she is not sure she really cares about him. Eventually she meets another man who literally knocks her shoes off when she kisses him. I want to say Doris Day was in it but not too sure anymore. But the most memorable thing about the movie was that the father of the woman was being forced by his wife to quit smoking cigars and every time the father enters a scene he pulls a cigar out of a hiding place and tries to smoke it. Please someone help me find this movie. I know its vague but that is all I remember.

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I want to do what you just did, but I cannot figure out how to do it.


I saw a movie roughly in the late 60's or early 70's Black and White.  This particular scene was about a brat kin that drops his doll into the canyon and this man to show his lack of fear climbs over the rail and down onto this ledge to retrieve this doll for this brat kid and to impress his mother.  I believe it is really about facing his fear. 


Could someone please help me on this???

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