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Thanks for the reminder, Tom. It's been 15 months since her passing.


Her stepdaughter has left her Facebook page up and I check in there now and again when something strikes me. I even give her updates once in awhile.


I don't know what the privacy setting is on the page, but you can check if you choose.



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What a great contributor Lori was to these boards. I always loved reading her well-written and passionate posts about "Jules".


(...and even though I would occasionally kid her about it, and which she always took with great good humor...I miss her)

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>Every time TCM shows a Garfield movie, I think of her...


Me too, Sepiatone, me too.


I want to thank you, Dargo, mrroberts, and, of course, ginnyfan for your comments.


I loved Lori for the passion of her devotion to her cause of trying to revive memories of her favourite, John Garfield. She was outraged that a fine, sensitive actor received such a raw deal in his personal life, as well as a continuing injustice, that his film legacy was in danger of being forgotten.


I recall how Lori had even been in contact with the actor's daughter, Julie, who had also signed on to Lori's petition and campaign to get Warners to release a boxed set of Garfield films.


Lori surprised me one day when, out of the blue, she PMed me an e-magazine, Noir City, which had a large writeup on Garfield's The Breaking Point, which had recently been broadcast on TCM. And it's a beautiful magazine in every sense of the word, which I still have on my computer hard drive.


And also so reflective, I feel, of Lori's kind personality to have sent it to me.


Also reflective of her personality is her simple, sweet YouTube tribute to Garfield, for which I provided the link. Here it is again:




Lori's musical selection of Chaplin's "Smile" in the background makes it a particularly poignant experience to view it again. I don't mind confessing that I get chocked up by it.


Lori was so afraid that John Garfield would be forgotten. It's nice to see from a few of the comments that appeared on this thread that Lori has not been forgotten.

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