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well: how do we feel about forthcoming "new and improved" message boards?


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At first I thought you were asking about how we felt about the last recent message board changes (when was that? last summer?) to ascertain whether we had become used to them yet.

After all. old-fogey-like, it might take weeks, months, for some to finally adjust.


But then I saw the "announcement" thread which just appeared this morning. You must be referring to that.


So...I dunno. What are they up to now, and gol darnit, how come they're always making these dern changes?


I would like it if by "changes", they mean they're going to make it like it was before, with emoticons and easy quote features and uh, some other stuff I can't bring to mind right now.

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I am a progressive, so I always like improvement. But it actually needs to be improvement.


What I'have just read seems definitely a step in the right direction. KUDOS, TCM!


I love to dissect a movie and discussing it in detail, but lately the threads have been making my topics appear to disappear, and some really inconsequential ones stick around.


And I don't give a rat's a$$ about the size of Brent's bu++ , so there hasn't been much need for comments of a thoughtful type.

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For one reason or another, I couldn't use most of the "features" on my PC anyway, so I'll just have to wait and see how it all goes come April 1st (or 4th). If anything goes wrong on my end, I'd just like to say that I enjoyed my time here, and wish you all the best.



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>The fact the debut is APRIL FOOLS DAY has me wondering.........


The debut isn't April 1st, hibi.


According to the announcement, the boards go offline beginning April 1st and return on Friday, April 4th.


So from Tuesday until Friday morning, we won't be able to come here and post.


Also, it sounds like this is the opportunity for anyone who registered with an email address they no longer use, here's your chance to change it.


In the past, we have been told by various WebAdmins that if you changed your log-in email addy, you would essentially re-register, lose your moniker and posting history.


For the next few days at least, it looks like TCM has corrected that and changing your email addy won't result in the loss of anything. So, now seems the time to take advantage of that.

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Yes, I've already changed my email and I'm glad that we had the chance to do so.


As for "We?ve worked on a data migration strategy to ensure that 1 year or more of all topics and threads will be on the new boards" - I'm wondering if that means those threads which were started within the last year, or those that have had a last entry made within the last year.


Not that I'm wedded to anything that I've launched, but there are some threads made by others that I'd hate to see disappear as they're so informative in more ways than one.

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DougieB wrote:

<< How do you DO that, come up with an old image like that? >>


There were always some issue or another with the website. They had it nearly perfect about 4 years ago and then ruined it with an upgrade. I use a program called *Parsons Screen Shot* and save the images to the older

C:My DocumentsMy Pictures folder I've kept from the Windows 98SE era.


Parsons Screen Shot after clicking



I use ACDSee32 File Explorer/Viewer/Launcher to find and see images. Much BETTER to Windows Explorer. A trick to fool the 30 day Evaluation period, set the year to 2045 and install it, then reset to the present year. Got over 110,000 days left.


This trick don't work with other programs.


Edited by: hamradio on Mar 28, 2014 12:16 PM

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Save the following emoticons to the Imported or Favorite browser tab. You then only need to copy and paste with exclamation marks. The emoticon list also needs to be restored to the as well.


http://forums.tcm.com/images/emoticons/grin.gif gives you.. grin.gif


http://forums.tcm.com/images/emoticons/laugh.gif ....laugh.gif


http://forums.tcm.com/images/emoticons/silly.gif .......silly.gif





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My concern is if they will make all of the TCM Programming Challenges available. The old threads are very important for people new to the Challenge to see the nature of previous entries. The old threads are very important also for me to review what has been done so that I am not copying an idea which was previously done.

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Yeah, well, MY concern was THIS part of the announcement!:


> New software will provide a deterrent to those included toward jocular sidetracking: We are also in the process of programming a new state-of-the-art system in which the usual jokers will receive a mild to moderate shock via their keyboards and depending on how bad their puns and other attempts at humor are as they hit the enter button.


(...OUCH!!!...WHAT the...???!!!...geeez, they must ALREADY be testing this out NOW!!!)

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It sounds as if they hired a new company to maintain and moderate the message boards.


This was part of the announcement:



*?Better moderation. We have a great new team now to help you get any issues or answers you need from TCM. They?ll be on the boards checking any issues you post*.

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the first thing that came to my mind is "re-logging in." currently, my log in status expires after 20-30 minutes and i have to log in (or "refresh") all over again unless i am in the process of posting something on a message board.


if that stays the same, then programming was asleep at the switch.


when the site was revamped in March of 2011, the batting average for changes that worked well wasn't so good . (for example, Suggest a Movie didn't work like it was supposed to for 2 1/2 years.) i hope this time around that things work out better.

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