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Rockin' Tribute to Screenwriter Niven Busch--Friday, April 4 Daytime!!!


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This is one of those things that truly sets TCM apart, if it wasn't already!!! Niven Busch???!!! Get outta town!!! But that's exactly who TCM is doing a daytime tribute for next Friday, April 4!!! Since the message boards might be down most of next week, I thought I'd give a shout out now so folks interested in can get those DVR's a-programmed!!


HUGE block of pre-codes and 30's flicks in this tribute, starting off at 6am with SCARLET DAWN from 1932, and starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, Nancy Carroll, Lilyan Tashman and Guy Kibbee!!


Next up, it's Joan Blondell and George Brent in a comedy/mystery from 1932, MISS PINKERTON!!! This flick totally rocks and I am SO looking forward to seeing it again!!!


Joan returns in another Niven Busch screenplay, this time with Cagney himself, in HE WAS HER MAN (1934)!!! Then it's Bette Davis, Charles Farrell, Ricardo Cortez, Glenda Farrell, and Allen Jenkins in a gangster drama, THE BIG SHAKEDOWN (1934)!!! Guy Kibbee mixes it up with Aline MacMahon in BABBITT (1934)!!! And I'd be hanging on for Pat O'Brien and Joan Blondell in the 1939 flick, OFF THE RECORD!!!


I dunno know about all y'all, but I'm def going to be groovin' it hard next Friday during this awesome tribute!!!

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I recorded Miss Pinkerton--looking forward to watching it.



I hope you have a chance to watch it Robbie!!! I totally grooved to this one, as well as HE WAS HER MAN, where Blondell and Cagney were together, a unique type of flick though for them, I thought!!

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Hey mark, nice to see you! It was a cool lineup, not all great, but nice to see these films again. Did you see Hideout with Robert Montgomery? Excellent. New to me, was it new to you?


Today they've got Mexican Spitfire does something goes somewhere where they usually have my only watchable movie on a Saturday, and Lupe Velez is NOT watchable, imo.


Aren't the new boards cool-e-o?  Rock on! :D

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I worked with the lovely Teresa Wright, who had been married to Niven Busch. She said she suggested that he take his name off Duel in the Sun, since they changed so much of his screenplay, and what was left was pretty bad.


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