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Email alerts by request - why not?


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I apologize if this subject has been covered sometime previously but....


I love TCM and the old movies. It has entertained and educated me greatly over the years.


My problem - I don't have the time nor the desire to constantly watch for upcoming movies. I have certain likes and there are a number of movies or types of movies I might try to make time for IF I knew they were coming on in the next 7 days or so (on a continuous basis).


An email alert service would be perfect for someone like me.


TCM should put into service such a social communication tool as a benefit to whoever would like to sign up for it.


As it stands now, my watching time is fundamentally erratic. When I get a chance to watch TV I always turn to TCM to see what is on and what is going to be on shortly. I find that I miss a number of movies that I might be able to adjust my schedule for - with just a 24-48 hour reminder.


Please don't tell me to buy the monthly magazine. Probably wouldn't pay enough attention to it either.


I am connected to my phone and email in a more focused way.


I don't believe that I am unique in that way. With a movie email alert sign up - I could list specific movies and particular genres and/or actors I am more apt to watch.


This should also be a benefit to TCM. It will give 'the powers that be' some very specific information about its fan base and what movies, etc are most sought after.


It could also help TCM market to me. It would have a list of movies, actors, and themes that I am most interested in.


Finally, it would increase listenership (I guess I mean....watchership?) of many of its movies. Wouldn't it?


If you agree, please support this thread. Maybe we can get their attention.

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TCM.com does currently allow you request an email REMINDER for a movie currently on the schedule.

See example below for a seldom-aired (couldn't resist) favorite of many posters on this message board- -NORTH BY NORTHWEST

See the REMINDER with the clock icon.






It would be nice to have the feature as well for movies that are not currently scheduled.

I know that Amazon has a feature (or used to have) where one can request an email when an item becomes available for purchase.

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Thank you Holden. Wasn't aware of that. I guess that helps somewhat.


But, ironically, you would still have to scan the schedule regularly for that system to work.


If I am scanning the schedule regularly, I probably wouldn't need an email alert.


The technology and databasing is out there to enable an ongoing alert system - sans schedule.


Thanks again for the response and suggestion.

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