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is really making me want to see him in action.


This might be the aftermath of watching Cronenberg's "Dead Ringers" last nite, as now all that is creepy seems interesting.


I have been enjoying reading this whole thread, but am sorry it came on the heels of Paul Winchell's death.


Paul Winchell always reminded me of Hal March, who reminded me of Lee Philips, who then reminded me of Dean Miller.


I enjoyed Winchell's puppetry, and now am worried that Jimmy Nelson might die also.


I do hope that the darling Farfel is still alive though...


I have not ever seen Rootie Kazootie, but knew who he was from reading books on tv history. As I recall he looked a bit like Howdy Doody, but on Kool-Aid with hallucinogens added.


Or am I wrong? Did Rootie not have wild and crazy hair, unlike Howdy's very nice and combed Opie Taylor style 'do?


I will probably be shot for putting trivia in this thread, but who knows the name of Howdy's brother and sister, without looking it up on the Net?

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Hi Therealfuster, I really enjoyed your last post,very funny stuff lol. By the way Jimmy Nelson is alive, and well. I had seen him on the Alf talk show on TV Land a few months ago. Thanks and don't worry Farel lives lol.Larry

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Hi Bggalaxy, Where were you when I needed you back then lol? It just goes to show That these so called cartoons were not a dream of mine. My family, and friends thought I was nuts lol. Speak with you soon. Sincerly, Larry

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Yes, Howdy was NOT an only child!


And yes, that Hal March. The episode I remember him in was the one where I think Lucy wanted to set him up as a bachelor date for one of her female friends. i think Ricky wanted her to butt out, and said she just did not want Hal to remain the happy bachelor he was.


I also think he may have sold lingerie in one episode, but I'm not sure.

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I remember Hal coming for dinner.


And I also remember Lucy and Ethel going to Hal's apartment I think, and looking through scads of lingerie and peignoirs, that he was going to give them cutrate.


You know Lucy, always looking for a bargain. And poor Ethel had the old cheapskate Fred, so even a bargain was usually too expensive for her.


Sorry if I made one episode into two, and thanks for the correction!

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Ahh yes. "Clutch Cargo"....Spinner and Paddlefoot. Even as a kid I thought this was wretched dreck. But I watched for TWO reasons. 1)It appeared on the same show that also showed the Stooges.2)at that time there were a whole THREE channels to choose from.

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