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Fixes, Registrations and Bugs

Guest TCMModerator1

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Guest TCMModerator1

Hello everyone,


We have been continuing to fix and update as needed.  We know some of you have chimed in on missing threads. If you feel there's a critical thread that is not found on the site (please remember to search for it), let us know and we will dig into why it didn't get migrated. 


The bad filter, locked threads, and other technical issues should all be addressed.  If you find a technical bug, please contact a moderator or post it in the Technical Issues forum.  I know in the past we may not have been as responsive to addressing these issues when you posted it in the technical issues forum, but we promise to be much better at getting to these. 


Here’s the reminder steps again for anyone who needs to Re-Register their old member account.

  • Click on the “Returning Members: Register Here” button on the home page
  • You can enter either your old display name OR the email address you used on the old message boards to re-register
  • Enter the Security Check information (if you cannot read this, please select the 'refresh' icon which is the blue button at the top of the 3 buttons to the right).
  • Select “Proceed." An email will be sent to the email address you had on file with the old boards. You will need to access this email in your email in-box and select a link in that email to verify the new registration and to set a new password.
  • After you select this link, you will arrive at a new page that says “Account Activation."  This will set a new password for you.  Select “Proceed."
  • You will then receive a SECOND email providing your temporary password.  Use this to login on the home page of the Message Boards.
  • Go to your Account Settings and change your temporary password if you wish.  You will see your previous display name, your post history, post count, and additional history can be found in your account settings.
  • Be sure to fill out your profile and add an avatar image; you can also fill out a profile to let others know who you are. 

Thanks for all your patience and feedback.  We think once you start exploring the new boards more you'll see how much better they really are.  We specifically chose this software with loyal posters in mind - there are more great status, profile, and communication features than ever before, and just better ways to post media in general, with a simpler interface and tools.


If you have any suggestions, please keep them coming.  Thank you!


Your friends at TCM.

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