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Ditto on the musicals - LOL!


In some ways musicals are like porn;   Does there need to be a strong plot and storyline or should they just get to the action? (dancing and singing scenes in the case of a musical of course!).


The musicals I tend to like the most are ones with a strong story where the musical scenes are not too long,  but I assume many others (if not most?),   feel the story is secondary to the musical scenes and get bored waiting for the musical scenes to arrive.

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I agree with all of what you said.


I can take any Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers "musical" with no problem because they all have good stories in which most of their songs are well integrated into the script - not just pop-ups in the middle of some dialog. James Cagney musicals are ok too and semi-documentaries are of particular interest, even when they take many liberties.


West Side Story is a favorite because it's incredibly well done - music and choreography. Funny thing about that is, I watch it for the music and dance sequences and can hardly bear the in between material.


Go figure 

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Having settled in by this time, I wonder how everyone is enjoying the new boards?


I'm finding them very easy to use. I encounter a problem with posting photos, but no matter, I'm too lazy to figure it out.


I'm also certain, like Excel, there are elements to the new boards I don't utilize. But I do commend TCM, this revamping is crackerjack.

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I love that we can preview posts before submitting them.


It is much easier also to add images. 


I like very much being able to embed videos!


The pages refresh much more quickly. :)


I find the deletion of: Hot Topics is a plus because the lines between it and General Discussions was so very blurred and it was common to have different people make nearly identical posts. 


The major downside is that some threads time out and there is an error message. They must be reloaded.


The background is yet an unattractive color.


I feel it is unfortunate that font size and color can be modified with such great ease. I find some posts are nearly eyesores because of the large fonts and unusual colors.

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I do like the new boards, but I have two problems. Occasionally, when clicking on the button to the left of a thread, to see new posts, the page will reload continuously. I have to click stop loading, and find the first new post myself. Also, often, between the hours of 2 am and 3 am, the board will time out. Reloading doesn't help. I just have to wait a few minutes, then try again.

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