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Yes, there are some good offerings.  


All three versions of WATERLOO BRIDGE are airing because of the WWI spotlight-- '31 version; '40 version; and GABY.


The Agatha Christie evening is back (it had been pre-empted due to Shirley Temple's Memorial) with the rescheduling of AND THEN THERE WERE NONE and EVIL UNDER THE SUN.  And it looks like they have added TEN LITTLE INDIANS and MUR-DER, SHE SAID, so it will be a full evening for mystery fans.


If you like Barbara Stanwyck movies from the 1950s-- you will get a chance to see an afternoon with JEOPARDY; WITNESS TO MUR-DER; THESE WILDER YEARS; and TROOPER HOOK.  Miss Stanwyck would turn primarily to television after TROOPER HOOK and only make a few more feature films in the 1960s.

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Some a.m. highlights in July:


7.01...a morning of Leslie Caron

7.02...six films starring Chester Morris

7.03...George Sanders all morning

7.04...Independence Day offerings

7.05...the Nancy Drew films start airing on Saturdays

7.06...a morning of classic musicals

7.07...films directed by George Cukor

7.08...John Litel

7.09...Italian bombshells all morning: Sophia Loren/Claudia Cardinale/Gina Lollobrigida

7.10...some rare Julie London and Pier Angeli

7.11...WWI films all day

7.12...Bob Hope and Nancy Drew

7.13...MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW returns to the schedule

7.14...classics from the sixties

7.15...Kay Francis (also featured the night before)

7.16...Ginger Rogers from the early thirties and Barbara Stanwyck from the fifties

7.17...nine Cagney features from the early thirties

7.18...WWI films all day

7.19...Red Skelton and Nancy Drew

7.20...WOMAN AGAINST THE WORLD has been rescheduled

7.21...C. Aubrey Smith and Rene Claire films

7.22...westerns from 1948

7.23...musicals with the Powells: Dic-k Powell/Eleanor Powell/Jane Powell

7.24...Lewis Stone

7.25...WWI films all day

7.26...epics and Nancy Drew

7.27...three classics from 1955

7.28...nine films with Joe E. Brown

7.29...Maria Ouspenskaya, and COSSACKS re-airs

7.30...films based on works by Ferenc Molnar

7.31...women who kill

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Aomg the Maureen O'Hara films are such rarities as The Forbidden Street and The Battle of the Villa Fiorita. The Doctor's Dilemma on July 1 is great for fans of Dirk Bogarde and Robert Morley as well as fans of Leslie Caron. Five Fingers on July 9 is another welcome sight.


Those of us who enjoy foreign films have Bunuel's Diary of a Chambermaid, Antonioni's La Notte, Louis Malle's documentary Calcutta, some of the best-known films of G.W. Pabst, and a six-pack of Bergmans to look forward to.


The extensive tribute to World War I films is a great idea.


All in all, this is a very well-balanced schedule with lots to offer a variety of audiences.

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It looks like a very good month, but here's the best of the lot if you're looking for premieres that you may never have heard of.  This is about the working class and immigrant banlieues (suburbs) of Paris and the sort of lives that young people there are driven into.  Think of Menace 2 Society and you'll get the general idea.


2:45 AM La Haine (1995)  

After a youth is tortured by the police, a riot explodes on the streets of Paris in this examination of racial tensions in France.

DirMathieu Kassovitz CastVincent Cassel , Hubert Kounde , Said Taghaoui .

BW-98 mins,


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I haven't had time to peruse the schedule yet-- I'm still at work (for a few more minutes); but I'm excited that Maureen O'Hara is the star of the month.  I always feel that she is underrated as a performer.  I'm happy to see she's being recognized. 

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I am thrilled to see that Penelope is showing on July 31st.

I really enjoyed this movie when TCM aired it previously. I'm a big fan of Natalie Wood. She really shows off her comedic ability in PENELOPE, and her costumes (designed by Edith Head) are great. This would have been a good movie to air during the Friday Night Spotlight on costume design.

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Now that I'm home from work, I've been perusing the schedule-- looks like my DVR will be full once again. 


So far, I'm excited about:

7/3- Foreign Correspondent, I'm always up for a Hitchcock film.  I've heard a lot about this movie and saw that it is part of the Criterion Collection.  I'm happy to see that it's being aired.


7/3 The Picture of Dorian Gray, I watched this movie during the blizzard we experienced in February, and I started reading the book.  I've already determined that once I finish the book, I probably won't need to re-read it.  Not that it's bad; but I'm finding Oscar Wilde's writing style cumbersome.  His writing is too flowery.  Too many extraneous words.  Makes me wonder if he was paid by the word to write this story.  I'm also not a fan of his portrayal of women.  He doesn't seem to hold them in high regard.  In my opinion, this is one of the few cases where I think the movie is better than the book.  With that said, I'd like to watch the movie again to see how it differs from the book.  Plus, I always enjoy George Sanders and Angela Lansbury, so it also elevates the movie above the book.


7/3 Presenting Lily Mars, I enjoy Judy Garland's work (especially sans Mickey Rooney) and I haven't seen this film yet.  I haven't seen much of Van Heflin, except in Santa Fe Trail with Errol Flynn, and he was excellent as the villain in that film.


7/5 Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Who doesn't love bad 50's sci fi? I do!


7/5 No Time for Sergeants, I recorded this movie the last time it was on and unfortunately it was deleted off the DVR before I watched it.  I'll try again.


7/5 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, I've always wanted to see this film.  I have a feeling it'll be one of those films that once you've seen it, you never need to see it again; but I'd still like to see Elizabeth Taylor in a different type of role than the ones I'm accustomed to seeing her in.


7/12 The Cincinnati Kid, the cast seems intriguing: Steve McQueen, Edward G. Robinson, Ann-Margret? 


7/15 The Black Swan, I haven't seen any of SOTM Maureen O'Hara's pirate movies.  I'll also see how Tyrone Power compares with my beloved Errol Flynn.


7/16 Barbara Stanwyck: Fire and Desire, I always love documentaries about my favorite stars


7/22 Silver River, Errol Flynn.


7/24 Young Man With a Horn, I enjoy Lauren Bacall and Doris Day.  I discovered this film while researching movies for my TCM programming challenge. 


7/27 The Charge of the Light Brigade, I think this movie is on in May too.  If I somehow miss it, then I'll watch it to see my Errol.


Those are what have piqued my interest so far. 


P.S. The "auto save" feature is right now my favorite thing.  I had almost all this written out and accidentally hit one of my bookmarks on my toolbar and I hit "back" and the text box was empty.  I was really annoyed until I saw the "View Auto Saved Content" link, clicked it, and voila! my text was back!

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PRESENTING LILY MARS is a different kind of film for Van Heflin.  He plays love interest to Judy in this musical.  He's very good, and it makes you wish he had done more of these lighter roles. PRESENTING LILY MARS also benefits from the comic banter between Spring Byington and Fay Bainter, a duo that MGM previously featured a year earlier in MRS. HADLEY GOES TO WAR.  

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This does look promising:  an evening of Ingmar Bergman films, including Through a Glass Darkly, which I haven't seen yet, as well as an evening of documentaries.  Also there's The Housemaid and the Bunuel Diary of a Chambermaid:  I can't wait to see what crappy Mexican films get to replace them in Canada.

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I'm looking forward to "Step Lively, Jeeves". I've never seen Arthur Treacher do the character, so I'm excited. Also "Fanny", which I've never seen in its entirety. Nobody could do Leslie Caron like Leslie Caron. "The Times of Harvey Milk" is a terrific documentary and I believe it's had a restoration(?)

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