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No More "Instant" Log In?

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Along with many new features, this upgrade seems very "clunky" to me. (oh goody, now I can see a poster's avatar & where they live and there's little cute icons that tell me who's "hot"- who cares?)


What happened to the instant log-in? (dumbed down name: remember me)

I do not see a quick "sign in" link on tcm.com either. These were time savers for sure.


The "custom" set up of LAST POST and ASCENDING Z-A is the only setting that makes the last thread appear first on the list, which is great. But when I open a thread it's the last posting first in the list with the OP buried on the last page.


Why assign NUMBERS to a post? The last post is numbered ONE, not TWENTY ONE if there's 21 post count. So they are numbered backwards?

Has anyone figured out HOW to ascend posts by most recent date/time?


Sorry if this sounds like a rant. It's confusing following threads when the answer is before the question.post-11073-0-28938200-1396785771_thumb.jpeg


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Guest TCMModerator3

Hello Tikisoo - the instant login from tcm.com was decomissioned with the new boards.  The reason was that the connection to the member accounts on tcm.com was causing problems for people to update their emails, passwords, preferences, and other features.  We decided to sever this connection so that members on the boards could more easily update their profiles. 


Good news is that if you allow cookies on your browser, the site should remember when you when you come back.


As for the posting order, we assign numbers 1 and onward to to the most recent post first.  We've found most members in the community prefer it.  We will look into a link getting added that can take you to the first post, if that helps. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Not wanting to start a new thread, but challenges with the login process finally had to be resolved with a new identity.




the message board requested a login, while the TCM website still showed me as logged in.  My password didn't work.  I requested a new password through my e-mail, and then trying to login again, After the second attempt, I received a success message.  Yippee. 


But then I tried to log back into my own account again.


It failed; stated user name or password is incorrect.  An automatic login appears with the wrong password apparently, and I cannot remove it.


So I gave up 4 days later and just gave myself a new identity. sigh.


I am glad to be back.  I have been a good girl, and hope it doesn't happen again. 

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