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George Brent's Derry Air


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In what time zone is Suffragette City? Is it anywhere near Boone City?

Nowhere near, either geographically or culturally. Suffragette

City is in the English Glam Zone, which is two hours ahead

of EST, which also means that many folks just can't afford the


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I had an ectoplasm-mail that alerted me to the death of

Mickey Rooney. Mickey was a little ball of continuous

motion that put the Energizer Bunny to shame. I had

something of a private competition with the Mick. I already

had a few marriages under my belt when Mickey got married

for the first time. I thought he would never catch up to me in

that regard, but boy was I wrong. After I settled down for the

final time in the late 40s, Mickey just kept going. By the

fifties and then sixties he had pulled way ahead. I have to frankly

confess that in this one matter, he really kicked my you know

what. Final score 8 to 5 in Mickey's favor. Oh well, there is

more to life than quantity of nuptuals. For example, try as hard

as he could, Mickey never could reach my mustache. :)

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I'm glad this thread was moved the "Off-Topic Chat-Chat" section (I think it was meant to be named "Chit-Chat"?).  I felt a little self-conscious posting here when it was in "General Discussions"... I have the feeling the thread has caused somewhat of a controversy.


So, so far we've moved from George's rear end to Suffragette City to the death of Mickey Rooney.  Interesting.  We're nothing if not versatile. ;)

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Happy to see you back, Eugenia. It appears I've been banished to the nether regions (sort of like my rear end!) Sigh. I'm used to it. Still no SOTM!








It's pretty comical that George's thread was originally opened up in "Hot Topics" rather than "General Discussions"..

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Hey, what the ********* is this **? I'm a leading man, not some

supporting actor chappie. Off Topic Chat-Chat? Why not get

it over with and just wish me into the cornfield? Ten to one, the

Brits are behind this. They can't stand to see an Irish lad make

it big in America. I may now reside in the non-material plane,

but I can still give John Bull a swift kick in his bum and send him

back across St. George's Channel. Let's give the lime eaters

a taste of their own treacle. :angry:



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Your bottom is tops with us!



Not as hot as Clark but I'll take him over Wallace Beery. ;)

Your bottom is tops with us!



Not as hot as Clark but I'll take him over Wallace Beery. ;)






Thank you, Eugenia! At least some people appreciate me.........

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The sound of ball hitting bat, the feel of pin tar,

the smell of hot dogs and peanuts and freshly

mown grass. Frankly, I'm allergic to many of these

things, so I only go out to the ball park once in a

while. I usually just stay at home and watch the

game on the idiot box. But make no mistake,

it's time to play ball.




Brenty boy was a big baseball fan,
Especially of the Cards and Stan the Man,
But while sitting by the first base line,
He was shocked to see an angry fan's sign,
'Can't see the field because of your giant can.'

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