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George Brent's Derry Air


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Donald Trump condoned Alt Right hate

Wouldn't single out, lumped with others to berate

White Supremacists and the Klan

And Neo Nazis had a plan

And Trump slapped their wrists.....too little too late.


Donald Trump is as one with white supremacist slugs

They love and support him and he gives them symbolic hug

They've been emboldened for sure

March with weapons galore

And our Chief fails to condemn deplorable thugs.

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Donald Trump trying to reset last week

After his despicable statements and tweets

Prompted by teleprompter

Sounded less crazy for sure

But we've seen before Trump resist looking meek.

Rumor is Trump will pardon Sheriff Arpaio

Convicted of racial profiling anyone looking Latino

Xenophobic and racist

Despite order to cease and desist

Sure fits in with Trump's deplorable profile.

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AWESOME, ARTURO!!!! You're the best.

Thank you Hibi.



The Trump Whisperer Carl Icahn from his Admin resigned

As story broke of his insider trading he did fine

Whispered to Trump what to dump

And saw his businesses get bump

"Never worked here" Is the new White House line.

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Donald Trump had his rally "Woe is Me"

As expected, his sob slop his fans lapped up right on key

They were all hot and furious

As his defense was so spurious

He again spewed hatred and white supremacy.


Donald Trump again was in his campaign mode

Going to the base on whose back to the White House he rode

Doubled down on border wall

But he didn't have the gall

To say we'll pay, despite his Mexico goad.

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Donald Trump said that things will be Great

As he surveyed Harvey damage and Texas fate

But he focused on crowd size

Not a mention of who died

Trump can't seem to stay out of his own way


The Trumps arrive in Texas quite chic

He in loaders she in stilettos so sleek

But on their heads they each wore

Caps 40 bucks at Trump Store

Not the gear to go wade in a creek.

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