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Donald Trump was called White Supremacist

Tucker Carlson and Sarah Saunders boo and hiss

But Trump gave wings to alt right-wing haters

Charlottesville filled with these racist baiters

Those not keeping track Trump's real colors they have missed.


Trump's white supremacist defenders try to defend

The deplorable comments Trump dog-whistled Nazi friends

But these defenders think the same

So their defense is most lame

Trump has done nothing to get this country to mend.

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Trump in Alabama hoping to win

But while there hedged his bets with a spin

Breitbart supported the other

So racist Seems like Trump's blood brother

Only hope is that Dems take seat again.



Trump pivots from his Alabama loss

And then to his base some red meat he does toss

Mentions black NFL players

In take full of racist layers

Wraps in flag this hypocrite does.

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Mayor Cruz of San Juan had to plead

People would die if didn't get basic needs

Trump hadn't lifted a finger

Cruz put him through wringer

Another person Trump can't abide on their knees.


Trump once again showed he's a moron

"Puerto Rico an island with shores on

It's in a big ocean!

Who knew such a notion!?"

Was his reason for help not to pour on.

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"Black lives don't matter" Trump again seemed to say

As he attacked football players kneeling to see things their way

Trump said it showed disrespect

For those dead so values be kept

But old "Bone Spur" deferments kept Trump from the fray.



Trump claims protesters disrespect U.S. flag

And laws and lives lost....through their kneeling acts

But what really sticks in the craw

Trump thinks he's above all our laws

The Constitution Donald Trump's actions daily through the mud drags.

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