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George Brent's Derry Air

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Donald Trump claims investigations are tainted

Sycophant GOPers now buying lies that Trump painted

Apparently only those who will do

Supported Trump, and still do

Cannot harbor Trump hate, even latent.



Email scandal latest scandal du jour

As right wing hysteria against Robert Mueller

Tries to discredit his work

To Investigate that Trump jerk 

Who's now set to fire Special Prosecutor.



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Donald Trump up to his gills in with Putin

Despite Russian meddling, since results sure did suit him

Won't stop Crimson tide

Seems to just step aside

Seems will Need Vlad's help again in Twenty-Eighteen.


Donald Trump currIes Vladimir's favor

Putin's praise Trump sure seems to savor

Though Bromance he is touting

2 indictments and counting

Mueller sees this as nefarious behavior.


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Trump tweeted it was time to get back to work

But golfing is the only thing seen done by this jerk

Others to bully and force

This is par for the course

Trump himself does nothing more than at links he does lurk.


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Donald Trump making top of the list

In a book where his White House give us the gist

Effing Moron the least

What he's called in this feast

Even Bannon has this idiot ****!




Donald Trump must be rueing the day

He let Michael Wollfe into his WH to play

Everyone spilled to him dirt

Trump an incompetent jerk

 The truth on best seller lists starting today.

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Lawrence, let me try to get it on track...


THE GOLDEN ARROW has Brent in revealing swimwear

Conclusive proof of the size of his derriere

But the size of his ****

Doesn't match the Trump crass

As the Woolff book has amassed and laid bare.


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12 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

trump is a reckoning force

to his critics he will verbally torch

his enemies say he is not fit

but when through they will not have scored against him one bit.


Donald Trump is a one-man Wrecking Force

His motivation is his envy of Obama of course

 Can't admit he knows nothing

The presidency is crushing

All he wants to do is take off to golf course.


Donald Trump tries to crush enemies with torch

Like his Bromance Vlad Putin the earth he would scorch

But the so-called "Fake News" 

Is just Donald Trump's ruse

For inconvenient truths which might fuel Deplorables' remorse.


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15 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

trump has the scheme

when it reaches fruition his haters will scream

after they will be down in the dumps

at the mercy of the trumps


Trump keeps saying that he has a great scheme

Has yet to say more than to repeal Barack's dreams

More disturbing than this

Trump's brain seems amiss

The country should worry of Dotard Dementia it seems.

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