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Donald Trump at the border did lie

"Dems want this crime, but no wall, don't know why!"

The facts are against him

But his base don't want fencing

Makes up he's built wall, election year nigh.


Donald Trump repeats "No Collusion"

Says it was Hillary and other dilutions

But many staff been indicted

Or pled guilty, didn't fight it

The Orange Jerk's response: sow confusion. 

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Ilhan Omar has raised Donald Trump's ire

For anti-Semitic remarks, thinks she should retire

She apologized, said was mistake

But she wonders what will it take

With tons of worse statements, uncontrite Trump to be fired.

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Donald Trump has been spewing out hate

Intolerant for decades, his base loves this bait

Before Central Park Five

Non-Christians, non-whites

This abomination in the WH will hopefully soon meet his fate.


UnAmerican is Donald Trump's rhetoric

His actions worse as he becomes more despotic

Disregards institutions

And trashes Constitution

Make America Great Again with impeachment historic.

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"National Emergency" Donald Trump's latest train wreck

Congress didn't fund Wall the way he'd project

The emergency he caused

When Amnesty he did pause

Equal branch to the president had him balanced and checked.

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Three co-equal branches, Trump's finding out.

Legislative not funding what he's ranting about

Though they've seen through his lies

Nat'l Emergency he cries

Now turn of Supreme Court he stacked to give him the rout.


Trump not getting his way, so he starting to pout

"The Dems are so evil" he tweets and he shouts

Wants a wall and needs money

"Being built" .....thinks we're dummies

Only Deplorables fall for lying conniving lout.




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Donald Trump enraged there's been some discussion

Amendment 25, to remove, some are pushin'

It states very clear

He's demented we fear

If it don't work, laundered money, or collusion with Russians.


Donald Trump once again ranted and raved

"National Emergency here, DOD money I'll shave"

But he made this announcement

Then to Mar-a-Lago he went bouncin'

The crisis: no money for racist Wall his base craves.



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The Baby Trump Balloon was recently spotted

 Babbling incoherent baby talk that Country is rotted

"And then the 9th Circuit this...."

"And the next court's amiss....."

25th Amendment, even complicit GOP should've got it.


Baby Trump Balloon again throwing a tantrum

"Need money for Wall, crime way up, I'll be hamstrung!"

So he'll raid DOD

"Nothing important, you see!"

Claims his secret stats will reveal that Wall is the fulcrum.

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Trump says, "Limbaugh's amazing, can talk 3 hours straight"

"Sean Hannity's head's up my ash, nothing there I can hate!"

He says 'bout Ann Coulter

"I think that I like her"

Says she: "The Crisis: Idiot President that I can bait!"

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Baby Trump Balloon is at it fuming again.

He can't change the news he doesn't like on a whim

Screams at cohorts and allies

That News his lies they won't buy

Someone needs to change his soiled Depends.


Donald Trump furious again at "Fake News" 

New York Times shows his history of pro-Russian views

And the Post says that he

Hates he can't change reality

He keeps giving more rope to Mueller for his noose.


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Billionaire and Trump friend Epstein got sweetheart deal

From Trump's current Dept. Of Labor's top wheel

Sexual misconduct with young girls

Possibly a hundred or more

Trump sees nothing wrong "What's the big deal?"!?


Another Trump Friend Robert Kraft

Caught in vice sting, left feeling a draft

Happy Ending the game

But it's always the same

With Trump etc. always sexual scandals and graft.


Serial sexual predator Epstein convicted

Donald Trump's friend, sometimes both would kick it

Trump had similar sway

Young girls were the prey

Billionaire Boys Club's old men were quite wicked.

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Donald Trump on his way to Hanoi

To meet up with his Kim Jong Un boy 

Second time that they meet

But Kim's got Donald beat

Says he's denuking while more nukes he deploys.


Donald Trump desperate for win

Gives it up for Xi, Jong Un, or Putin

They make him think it's true love

As our security they rob

"Great Negotiator" gets played by strong men.




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10 hours ago, Hibi said:

WOW. Arturo,  you're on a roll! Non-stop!

Thanks Hibi.  Unfortunately, it's that fat Orange unhinged madman that has been on a roll.  Just trying to hang on and keep up with the madness.

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Donald Trump's stooge, goon Rep. Matt Gaetz

Threatened Cohen, whose testimony to Congress may seal Donald's fate

Though Cohen has lied

Now has nothing to hide

To Trump's thousands of lies will Gaetz also object?


Angry Trump goon Jim Jordan will try

To deflect when Cohen implicates Trump and his lies

Another creepy Trump jerk

Sees protecting Trump as his work

As with kids coach molested, protects criminals every time.





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Donald Trump thinks he should get Nobel Peace Prize

As he's with Kim Jong Un making lovesick cow eyes 

Kim is hiding his nukes

But Trump can't seem to rebuke

Strong-armed Japan to nominate for this stupid guise.

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Trump sees his Nobel Prize go down the drain

Despite warning Jung-Un he couldn't rein

Greatest deal so he thought

World acclaim was his plot

A few love letters, broken heart for his pains.


"Deal Maker Supreme" Donald Trump did boast

Nobel Peace Prize his dream, the world would toast

Thought courting Kim would be enough

But Kim is master of the bluff

The Dotard Fool, the world laughs at most.

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Baby Trump Balloon at CPAC did rave

About how the Dems are so mean and won't cave

For him an ordeal

With his shady deals

Full-blown Corruption in WH, this jerk won't be saved.


Donald Trump hugged American flag

To cheering audience of morons who buy his last brag

Stomps on Constitution

Patriotism an illusion

"Last refuge of a scoundrel" said once one wag.

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