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Donald Trump thinks he’s winning again

Fox News and the rest leadthis spin

Said “Mueller’s tongue-tied”

But Barr made sure hands were tied

Fact remains Trump conspired with Russians.


Impeachment more viable than ever

Despite attempts by GOP water carriers

Mueller scored direct hits

In 2 years can convict

Trump’s the Witch that soon will be tethered.






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Mitch McConnell cares not that Trump with the Russians did meet

Donald Trump wants the Russians to again help him beat

Trump conspired with the Russians

Once more this he’s pushin’

Nancy Pelosi it’s time to stop dragging your feet.


We’re attacked by the Russians, of this Trump almost does boast

While McConnell says it’s all a partisan hoax

But Senate committee

Shows both parties agree

Trump and McConnell are traitorous jokes.


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Donald Trump singled out 4 congresswomen of color

Said should go back to their countries to them he did holler

But...3 of 4 were born here

Trump playing to his base’s fears

And tried to distract from testimony of Mueller


Trump continues to trot out his full racist tropes

To excite racist base to vote their fears not their hopes

Next to nothing he’s done

 But his 2020 campaign run

Is push fear of the “other” to these racist dopes.

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Ilhan Omar again under Donald Trump’s so-thin skin

Saying immigrants more patriotic than most Americans

Of our laws and history they’re aware

Allegiance to Constitution they swear 

Trump also swore but daily violates all these things.


First the Squad Trump attacked in full racist mode

Now on Congressman Cummings Trump did explode

Says Baltimore is the pits

Despite brags he’d clean up that mess

Kushner’s homes here have vermin, son-in-law is slumlord.


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Moscow Mitch at the Senate started crying the Blues

“In the pocket of Putin, not true! It’s a ruse!”

But Like the Colluder-in-Chief

Won’t stop Russia’s  repeat

Vote unprotected, Mitch is being fairly accused.


Moscow Mitch not a patriot, just a partisan fool

His reign in the Senate has him making up rules

“Supreme Court nominee 

In last year presidency 

In Limbo unless Prez GOP”....That is Bull!

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“Say Nyet to Moscow Mitch” is the new cry in bluegrass land

Hopefully Kentucky dumps this traitorous man

Hand-in-hand with Donald Trump 

Been kissin’ and lickin’ Putin’s ****

Russian sanctions gone, as per Putin’s demand.


Election security next year has some wetting

In fear that we haven’t been readying

Moscow Mitch says it’s a hoax

Trump agrees, but isn’t a joke 

Have done nothing Despite warnings we’ve been getting.

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The Hater-in-Chief once again is en route

To sooth victims of latest violence bouts 

But always all about him

Chance of comfort is slim

He needs to check the hatred he constantly spouts.


Donald Trump thinks it’s mentally-ill loners

And all of the video game players and owners

Who target and kill

But their screeds all are filled 

With Trump’s hate rhetoric, often targeting foreigners.

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Donald Trump is a fool through and through

Every day proves he has no clue what to do

Blinked against China trade war

Our Farmers hurting way more

Says “Chinese goods at Christmas must be cheap for all you!”


Donald Trump thinks that tariffs are great

Thinks China is paying, when buyers here pay 

U.S. farmers still suffer

Lose markets, no buffer

No wonder Trump lies, his deal making inflates.


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Sleazeball Epstein found dead in his cell

From his own hands some say, couldn’t stand his new hell

Under Federal watch 

DoJ surely has botched

Sleazeball Barr again protects Sleazeball Trump, Epstein’s pal.


Trump pushing Clinton connection to Epstein's Death

Bill or Hilary somehow got in, killed him and left

Born in swamps of Alt Right

Trump pushes it with his might

Conspirator-in-Chief has left dignity of WH bereft.


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President Spineless has caved once again, no surprise

On gun control he’s in the NRA vice

Was for it, he opined

But the slug has no spine

Trump is only consistent on corruption and lies.


Trump claims that the mentally ill cause mass killings

Yet removed restrictions to sell them arms, he was ready and willing

Mental illness is worldwide

But mass killings only our plight

Guns here to both sane and deranged we are selling.




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Trump talking crazy about things which cause much concern

His M.O. he distracts from signs of a downturn

Takes credit when stock market hot

Blames others when it is not

America,  Trump in 2020 needs to be spurned


Donald Trump again is causing much dread

Strange words or tweets when not asleep in his bed

From Denmark wants Greenland

Congresswomen in Israel must not land

Time for 25th Amendment, he ain’t right in the head.


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Donald Trump at a summit in Biarritz

All weekend Lied and flip-flopped every bit

With the Amazon burning

Trump for Putin was yearning

America never looked worse, Trump’s so full of shiiitz.


Trump claims that MAGA is his driving motive

To our interests here and abroad is totally devoted

But Wants Putin reinstated at last

And Pushing Doral, his only two tasks

For his own gain, on world stage US role he’s demoted.


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Alabama not in line of Dorian’s path

But Donald Trump insists it will feel the storm’s wrath

National Weather Service says NO!

But Trump says that HE Knows!

And he can “prove it’ with his Sharpie-enhanced Weather map.


Donald Trump announced was canceling trip to Poland

WW2 event off, to monitor Hurricane Dorian

But went golfing two days

Then used outdated map maze

”Showing” Alabam’ direct hit, claims all along planned.

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“President” Donald Trump steers business his way

Airmen in Scotland refuel, and at Trump’s Turn-berry must stay

Pence told to stay in Trump’s Irish hotel

Round-trip 400 miles, what the hell

Trump making money that the taxpayers must pay!


Donald Trump keeps pushing his luck

The corrupt Prez cares only about making a buck

Oversight committee adds to its lists

Of all the Impeachable actions of his

Trump daring impeachment, may find himself F***ed.


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Whistleblower sees Trump doing double-time to distort

The substance of his call to his Ukrainian cohort

Trump threatened to stop funds

Unless investigate Biden’s son

Working overtime to keep Congress from seeing Report


Trump’s lawyers are shysters in face of whistleblower

These Stooges are claiming Executive Power

Won’t give Congress the findings

Despite law that this is demanding

Trump again Obstructing corruption, now we’ve reached impeachment hour.


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