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George Brent's Derry Air

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Donald Trump thinks he’s above the law and invincible

Got away with collusion in ‘16, 2020 needs to win again, so....

He Cut off funds to Ukraine

Unless they collude, he explained 

Dems, forget politics, impeach, and stand by your principles.


Donald Trump says he’d get away with murder 

Got away with Russia collusion against Hillary, which hurt her

But now he’s pushing his luck

Tried to drag Ukraine in his muck

Now even Pelosi may join Impeachment fervor.


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Donald Trump says Joe Biden and son are corrupt

“Look at their dealings” in a call to Zelensky Trump did erupt 

Claims Biden did meddle

Orange pot calling kettle

Accuse accusers of same, more lies Donald Trump just makes up.


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Donald Trump felt he did nothing wrong

Stopping aid to Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden’s son

Said “was a beautiful call”

“Will release transcript to all’

Once released calls for impeachment didn’t take long.


Whistleblower report Donald Trump tried to stop

Report mandated to Congress, Trump said “Oh No you’re not!”

Day after Mueller choked

Trump again went for broke

Clear evidence of collusion and obstruction we now got!

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The spotlight is on All of the “President’s” men

Doing his bidding then covering these crimes once again

Tried to pressure and bribe

When whistled blown, now have lied

Trump, Pence, Barr, Giuliani Pompeyo belong in the Pen!


All the President’s stooges being now scrutinized 

Along with Orange piper the Ukrainians tried to bribe

Giuliani and Barr

Should be tarred and disbarred

Impeach Trump for the bribe, tried to hide, now he’s lied. 


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All the President’s Sheep emerge from the muck

Trump orders Swamp Creatures to run amok

To Muddy waters with lies

And Defend Trump’s alibis

All informed, thinking people can see through this crock.


Donald Trump again says to his base, “There’s a coup”

”To take down your Leader, it’s unlawful to do!”

But the Constitution says

Impeach extortionist Prez

All the way to the Pen Donald Trump will boo-hoo!


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Donald Trump to the Dems taunts, “Game on!”

Keeps doing criminal things that impeachment should be done

Extorts foreign dirt for 2020 race 

Then cries blues to fundraise from his base

Orange moth to impeachment flame inevitably drawn.


First it was Russia, then Ukraine, and now China the same

Trump begs and extorts to get dirt to help his campaign

Denied but now admits it freely

”Must stop all this corruption you see!”

If so, at his White House, his family and himself should take aim!

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Donald Trump has thrown the Syrian Kurds to an uncertain lot

Turkey can do ethnic cleansing thanks to Old Bone Spurs moral rot 

“Stable Genius”....not this bloke

“Great and unmatched wisdom”...what a joke

Despite our promises our allies’ backs we don’t got.


Donald Trump extorts other nations

Dirt on the Bidens are his campaign’s exhortations 

Either Turkey agreed 

Or Syria said no to his pleas

Must be why Trump is allowing a Turkish invasion.

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Donald Trump has allowed a Kurdish bloodbath 

Giving in to Erdowan wanting to unleash Turkish wrath

Our incompetent fool

Has no clue what to do

But wants dirt from the Turks, or Turks dirt on him have!


Our incompetent “leader” again bent to a foe

Our allies against ISIS he has allowed to be mowed

A sane Leader Trump is not

”Great and unmatched wisdom” hasn’t got

War crimes will be his and followers of his clown show!

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Donald Trump is a fool with no spine

Conned by foreign powers to do their bidding any time

Suddenly allowing the Turks

To Kill Christians and Kurds

Appears that Trump Tower Turkey on the line.


Donald Trump was told in a call

That in Syria our Kurdish allies must fall

Threats from Russia and Turkey

Trump businesses proved to be key

Trump’s interests, not ours, impeach jerk for this gall!

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Erdogan and Putin think Trump getting impeached

Must act quick to extend Syrian reach

Useful Idiot is tapped 

Just one call and he’s trapped

Trump’s interests could be hurt, they did preach.


“The Kurds didn’t join us in Normandy” Trump insists

Justifying slaughter by Turks of our allies against ISIS

Ridiculous argument by Trump

When our allies he dumped

Trump’s own interests are what precipitated this crisis.


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Midnight Moscow Mitch McConnell won’t allow us to see

Evidence or talk of Trump’s crimes except in the hours wee

Trying to stack Senate decks

So GOP members don’t defect

Truth of Trump’s crimes they will hide or it will wipe out GOP.


Donald Trump has stacked his legal team

With the likes of Dershowitz and  Starr, thinks they’re the cream

 But they’re accused of their own crimes

Or defend the criminals prime

Defending Trump’s crimes, a match with no seams. 

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The Senate “trial” looks like a complete sham

GOP shoot down requests for  witnesses and evidence out of hand

They can’t defend Donald Trump’s crimes

So they cover up instead of trying

The Moscow Mitch farce right out of Putin’s game plan.


Moscow Mitch coordinated with Donald Trump

Can't have first hand testimony or docs, they think we’re all chumps

”I did nothing wrong “ Trump does lie

But won’t let us see “alibi”

Trump and the GOP on Constitution just took a dump!



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Ham radio, you’re three years too late with your observation.   But here’s how We made the connection......


George Brent classic film’s ladies man

With rear end challenging to seamstresses at hand

But derrière not that big

Compared to our President pig

When golfing looks like a two-.legged ham.

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John Bolton the Right’s supreme Neo-Con bar none

Left Trump WH when he saw “drug deal” being done

Three Amigos and Trump

Forcing Ukraine Prez as a chump

Trump and Fox trying to bury Bolton in their dung.


Bolton wants to testify in Senate hearing to remove Trump

Witnessed Trump’s crimes, so Trump and minions onto him jump

His testimony they can’t allow

Would expose Trump’s crimes to all now

Might force craven GOP to vote to dump Trump.

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Online rumors Mitch McConnell caught in same sex in flagrante

When as a servicemen but covered up by his commandante 

Youthful indiscretion it was

But Trump must’ve got hold of this mud

And holds over McConnell's head to get what he’s wanted!

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The GOP is taking to the Soviet model

Donald Trump started it when Russia he did coddle

Constitution, laws and free press increasingly null

Trump’s wish to be dictator, no longer bull

Authoritarian genie out now, we may not get it back in the bottle.


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GOP kowtows in the room to the Peach Elephant

 Lie and rant to defend Orange fool’s lies and rants

Pretzelogic at best

Senate Spectacularly failed the test

 We must vote out Moscow Mitch and other Trump sycophants.


51 Deplorables cowed by the Trump menace

Slugs with no spines, the Orange Swamp is among us

Trump thinks he has won

Putin’s bidding now will be done

Rule of law lose, with democracy and Americans.

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King Donald the Fool, the Senate proclaimed

”Above the Law is our monarch, this  we’ll always  defend”

Allowed his graft and corruption they’ve shown 

5th Avenue massacre they’ll condone

They are complicit in his crimes, and some were part of the same.


Does GOP understand what Recusal or Oath Mean?

Nuñes and Graham......names never ending 

But even then not alone

Trump’s lawyer Cippollone

Witnessed Trumps crimes, lied “there’s no witness’ in impeachment Hearing.




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Trump thinks he knows more than his experts

When it comes to COVID 19 he says there are cures

“Not approved”, he’s been warned

Lab test safety wasn’t borne 

Trump’s lies surely will  get Americans hurt


About pandemic Donald Trump Still is lyin’

He wants us  back outside soon, what a crime

Social Distancing be dammed

Wants to golf  but he can’t 

In November let’s all give him the time

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Bone spurs and all,  Trump says he’s wartime President 

That he’s never been to war is quickly evident

Lies he deployed Defense Production Act

To provide needed supplies can’t seem to react

Possible millions of deaths through stupidity and hesitance.


Donald Trump, the  “Wartime President”

Is giving up the fight just  2 weeks in the trench!

”Economy will be hurt

And my re-election!” He does blurt

The Moron only cares about  himself, and what for him expedient.

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Trump as “wartime president”. He fancies himself right now

To provide troops weapons against pandemic, has no clue how!

Ventilators, PPC’s , they need

Incompetent Commander-in-Chief

Trump allows them to get infected, as he crashes Dow.


If Trump were at the helm in WW2 or the Cold War

Hitler would’ve been our Fuerher, then Stalin at the fore

Korea and Vietnam

Iraq Afghanistan

Trump as wartime “president“ would’ve lost them all and more!

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