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late Sun., 5-5 for                            TCM Imports....

(times ET)

2:00 AM

Princess from the Moon ( 1987)

Based on a centuries-old traditional Japanese fairy tale, a country couple finds a baby girl in some bamboo and raises her as their own daughter.



Dir Kon Ichikawa Cast Toshiro Mifune , Ayako Wakao , Yasuko Sawaguchi .

BW- 121 mins, Letterbox Format


4:15 AM

Her Brother ( 1960)

Set in 1926 when Japanese tradition was much stronger, this standard drama looks at the inner workings of a small family, especially the relationship between a sister and brother.



Dir Kon Ichikawa Cast Keiko Kishi , Hiroshi Kawaguchi , Kinuyo Tanaka .

BW- 98 mins, Letterbox Format

see TCM article: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/513776/Her-Brother/articles.html

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late Fri., 5-10 for                   Underground....


(times ET)

2:30 AM

Chocolate War, The ( 1988)



Story of the repercussions endured by a nonconformist at a Catholic boys school in New England.


Dir Keith Gordon Cast Adam Baldwin , Ilan Mitchell-Smith , Bud Cort .

BW- 104 mins, CC, Letterbox Format


see TCM article: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/70875/Chocolate-War-The/articles.html

4:15 AM

Class ( 1983)


slightly repressed working-class teen gets a scholarship to a prestigious prep-school, but his world is turned upside-down when he has an affair with his wealthy roommate's mother.


Dir Lewis John Carlino Cast Caitlin Hart , Candace Collins , Dick Cusack .

BW- 98 mins, CC, Letterbox Format


see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Class_(film)


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Sat., 5-11 for                     THE ESSENTIALS: AFRICAN DIRECTORS ......


8:00 PM (ET)
B/W - 130 m


Synopsis:  film jumps back and forth through time to create an impression of life for a black Vietnam veteran (John Anderson) suffering from PTSD.

DirHaile Gerima CastBarry Wiggins , John Anderson I ,

-won the FIPRESCI Film Critics Award at the Berlin Film Festival and Outstanding Production at the London Film Festival.

see: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/2196222/Ashes-and-Embers/articles.html

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(sorry for late posting)  :(

MON., 5-13

11:15 AM (ET)
B/W - 100 m

Couch, The (1962)

Synopsis: While being treated by a psychiatrist, a homicidal maniac continues to display disturbing and murderous behavior on the streets of Los Angeles
DirOwen Crump CastGrant Williams , Shirley Knight , Onslow Stevens .



later tonight for                                  Orson Welles....


8:00 PM (ET)
B/W - 110 m


Synopsis: Mark Cousins journeys through hundreds of sketches, drawings and paintings in The Eyes of Orson Welles (2018), the first documentary to explore the still life works by the great filmmaker.
DirMark Cousins

TCM article: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/2131282/Eyes-of-Orson-Welles-The/articles.html

" ...The artworks on display run the gamut from sketches by the artist as a young man traveling the world with his father to whimsical cartoons and Christmas cards to formal paintings to costume and production sketches. In some cases, Cousins draws direct parallels between his drawings and images in his films, but his primary focus is on seeing through, as the title says, the eyes of Welles. ..."



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tonight 5-17 for                       Gary Merrill.....

8:00 PM (ET)
B/W - 76 m




😧 Andrew L Stone. Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters, Gary Merrill, Jack Kruschen, Mae Marsh.

Whodunit has Peters as prime suspect of poison killings, with Cotten seeking the truth.


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3 hours ago, jh53 said:

It seems like I’ve seen this movie on TCM before.  Could it have been under another name?

Not likely, unless before 2011.  I say that because that is where our logged information (what was actually shown) leaves off and then prior to that I just rely solely on old monthly schedules.

As far as AKA names go, that is one of the data tests I have incorporated into my project, leaning on IMDB's AKA list.  Before that, different names for the same movie actually was an issue. 

Now in itself it is quite good, though I still go in and do certain things by hand, particularly on the data import for each month and then including checking whenever I see someone ask.

For my project, see here:

P.S. Just saw TB's post come in.  Perhaps "The Steel Trap".

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1 minute ago, LawrenceA said:

If you had the Fox Movie Channel, Blueprint for Murder used to be on 15 times a week, every other week, for years.

That would cause viewers to start poisoning themselves.

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6 minutes ago, scsu1975 said:

That would cause viewers to start poisoning themselves.

That was the effect it had on me. That's why I didn't join in on any of the celebration of it being on TCM. It would be like people being thrilled because North By Northwest was going to be on Starz. But only if North By Northwest were a marginal, forgettable B picture.

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late Sun., 5-19                         'Bobby Bumps' silent shorts....

12:30 AM (ET)

" Said to be based on the popular early 20th century comic strip (and later shoe company mascot) Buster Brown, Bobby Bumps was the lead character in a series of animated shorts created by Earl Hurd for the Bray Studios, a print comics company that moved into cinema early on with great success.

Bobby Bumps was a little boy who, along with his dog Fido, managed to get himself into mischief over and over....

The most significant fact about the Bobby Bumps series was that these cartoons were the first to be produced using the cel animation process developed by Hurd and patented by him and Bray. ....

The shorts have to be viewed with an understanding of a far different and less enlightened time, considering two rather offensive characters often seen in the films, Bobby's black friend Choc'late and the stereotypical Bumps family maid Goldie."

The shorts in the series to be screened by TCM include:
Bobby Bumps and His Pointer Pup (1916)
Bobby Bumps Helps a Book Agent (1916)
Bobby Bumps' Fly Swatter (1916)
Bobby Bumps Gets a Substitute (1916)
Bobby Bumps Adopts a Turtle (1917)
Bobby Bumps at Fido's Birthday Party (1917)
Bobby Bumps, Chef (1917)
Bobby Bumps, Surf Rider (1917)
Bobby Bumps at the Dentist (1918)
Bobby Bumps Caught in the Jamb (1918)
Bobby Bumps' Last Smoke (1919)
Bobby Bumps in Hunting and Fishing (1921)
Bobby Bumps in Their Master's Voice (1921)

see TCM article: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/2165010/Bobby-Bumps-Caught-in-the-Jamb/articles.html

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Mon., 2-20 for                             Dolores Del Rio....

8:00 PM (ET)
B/W - 73 m

".... Devil's Playground (1937). It's a Navy tale about submariners and her character Carmen is the center of a love triangle. At Warner Bros., she had been starring in costume pictures and supporting top stars like Al Jolson, so the Navy 'service drama' is indeed a step or two rungs down the career ladder. Not only is Devil's Playground an ordinary program picture, but it's a second remake of a silent picture directed by Columbia's top talent Frank Capra. ....


😧 Erle C. Kenton. Richard Dix, Dolores Del Rio, Chester Morris, Pierre Watkin, Ward Bond.

Good combination of action and romance with diver Dix discovering wife Del Rio in love with Morris; exciting underwater climax. Remake of 1928 Frank Capra film SUBMARINE.

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Tues., 5-21

12:30 PM (ET)
B/W - 96 m
La Chienne (1931)

Synopsis: A streetwalker leads a married man along to make money for her pimp.
DirJean Renoir CastMichel Simon , Janie Mareze , Georges Flamant .

" One of the great films of classic French cinema, Jean Renoir's La Chienne (1931) was almost one of those masterworks - like Ophls' Lola Montes (1955), Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) and Renoir's own The Rules of the Game (1939) - that were butchered and mishandled in distribution by producers who didn't understand or appreciate the director's vision. ...

In La Chienne, he took innovation even further, refusing to shoot his Montmartre street scenes in a studio or use simulated effects. The result was the first sound film in France to be shot and recorded live in real locations. He also contributed to what Roud called "one of the glories of the French cinema," the use of music, not just as background but as a narrative device. ....."

see: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/503063/La-Chienne/articles.html



😧 Jean Renoir. Michel Simon, Janie Mareze, Georges Flamant, Madeleine Berubet

"Renoir's first sound film, and first sound-film masterpiece: a terse, somber drama of mild- mannered bank cashier Simon, with an overbearing wife, who plays into the hands of prostitute Mareze and her scheming pimp. Renoir coscripted; Mareze died in a car accident a couple of weeks after filming was completed. Fritz Lang redid this as SCARLET STREET; what a video double bill they would make!"



2:15 PM (ET)
B/W - 29 m


DirJacques Rivette CastVirginie Vitry , Anne Doat , Jacques Doniol-Valcroze .


"It stars Virginie Vitry as a wife cheating on her husband (Jacques Doniol-Valcroze). When her lover (Jean-Claude Brialy) buys her a mink coat, the adulterous pair hatch a plan to avoid her husband's questioning the coat's origins.

Fool's Mate is considered by some to be the first film of the French New Wave, or the movement's earliest antecedent. Released in 1956, the film is something of a curio thanks to a scene in which Rivette and New Wave contemporaries Claude Chabrol, Jean-Luc Godard, and François Truffaut are seen in the same room as party guests.....


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tonight, 5-25 for                The Essentials......

10:15 PM (ET)
B/W - 93 m
Devi (1960)

Synopsis: A young woman is deemed a goddess when her father-in-law, a rich feudal landlord, envisions her as the Goddess Kali.
DirSatyajit Ray CastChhabi Biswas , Soumitra Chatterjee , Sharmila Tagore .

The film received critical acclaim upon its release.[2] On Rotten Tomatoes, Devi holds a score of 100% based on 10 reviews for an average rating of 7.6/10.[3] Directors William Wyler and Elia Kazan have described the film as "poetry on celluloid" ....




late Sun., 2-26                            TCM Imports..........

(times ET)

2:00 AM
B/W - 96 m

Pale Flower (1964)

Synopsis: a killer who is released from prison after serving time for murder. He heads back to his old underworld Tokyo gambling haunts and falls for an intensely thrill-seeking woman who has as much a primal need for gambling, racing and drugs as he does for killing

DirMasahiro Shinoda CastRyo Ikebe , Mariko Kaga , Takashi Fujiki .

"My subject is a man in traditional yakuza society who finds himself hopelessly out of place in the modern social structure and learns something about himself through this discovery." .......

see article: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/558241/Pale-Flower/articles.html


3:45 AM
B/W - 104 m


Synopsis: " Jihei (Kichiemon Nakamura), a rather pathetic paper merchant who has fallen desperately in love with a courtesan named Koharu (Shima Iwashita). .....
DirMasahiro Shinoda CastKichiemon Nakamura , Shima Iwashita , Hosei Komatsu .


....."The kurogo  (basically stagehands for Japanese puppet shows) lead the lovers, compelled to die, to catastrophe. They represent the eye of our camera and also serve as the agent for the viewer, who wants to penetrate into the mystery of the truth of the lovers' plight. And finally they represent the author, Chikamatsu himself. ........

see TCM article: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/73513/Double-Suicide/articles.html


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Tues., 5-28 for                  Special theme:  Meet Cutes...... :rolleyes:


4:30 AM ET
B/W - 95 m


Synopsis:  A disabled musician thinks people treat her differently because of her disability so she goes to a ski resort with her leg in a cast to test this theory.
DirEdouard Molinaro CastKristy Mcnichol , Michael Ontkean , Kaki Hunter .

tcm article: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/80059/Just-the-Way-You-Are/articles.html


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Here are the TCM premieres for June, as determined by MovieCollectorOH’s report published on May 1. Note that on Saturdays TCM is premiering episodes of the Lost City of the Jungle serial along with selected cartoons, so these are listed separately.

Jun 2 - You Can't Have Everything (1937)
Jun 7 - Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1972)
Jun 11 - Angel, Angel, Down We Go (1969)
Jun 14 - Sharks' Treasure (1975)
Jun 16 - News from Home (1977)
Jun 16 - Les rendez-vous d'Anna (1978)
Jun 21 - Fast-Walking (1982)
Jun 23 - Pitfall (1962)
Jun 25 - Treasures from the Disney Vault:
   The Moon-Spinners (1964)
   Bone Bandit (1948) (animated)
   The Littlest Horse Thieves (1977)
   The Robber Kitten (1935) (animated)
   The North Avenue Irregulars (1979)
   Emil and the Detectives (1964)
   Never a Dull Moment (1968)
Jun 26 - The Female Animal (1958)
Jun 28 - Some of My Best Friends Are (1971)
Jun 28 - Myra Breckinridge (1970)
Jun 30 - Claudia (1943)
Jun 30 - Claudia and David (1946)
Jun 30 - Deprisa, deprisa (1981)

 - Saturdays: Lost City of the Jungle serial
Jun 1 - Lost City of the Jungle Ch. 3: Wave Length for Doom (1946)
Jun 8 - Lost City of the Jungle Ch. 4: The Pit of Pendrang (1946)
Jun 15 - Lost City of the Jungle Ch. 5: Fiery Danger (1946)
Jun 22 - Lost City of the Jungle Ch. 6: Death's Shining Face (1946)
Jun 29 - Lost City of the Jungle Ch. 7: Speedboat Missing (1946)

 - Saturdays: cartoons
Jun 1 - Popeye: Protek the Weakerist (1937)
Jun 8 - MGM: The Rookie Bear (1941)
Jun 8 - Popeye: Fowl Play (1937)
Jun 15 - MGM: The Mad Maestro (1939)
Jun 15 - Popeye: Let's Celebrake (1933)
Jun 22 - Popeye: Learn Polikeness (1938)
Jun 29 - MGM: The Milky Way (1940)
Jun 29 - Popeye: The House Builder-Upper (1938)

Thanks as always to MCOH!


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late Fri., 5-31                            Underground........

4:15 AM ( ET)
C - 101 m
Outlaw Blues (1977)

Synopsis: Suspected of murdering the country-western star who stole his song, an ex-convict takes it on the lam.
DirRichard Heffron

CastPeter Fonda, Susan St. James, Jeffrey Friedman , Steve Fromholtz , Michael Lerner .


"....The New York Times called the movie "an amiable, lilting, if lightweight, diversion... Pleasantly palatable if not especially nutritious... To the credit of B. W. L. Norton's script, the film also strongly indicates the vicious competition and sleaziness that could lurk behind the glamorous facades of some of the medium's recording giants."

The cast drew praise, with the Times enjoying Fonda's "gently appealing" performance and "pleasant tenor voice," and Variety applauding Susan Saint James as "a sexy knockout who ought to be on theater screens much more often." .......

see TCM article: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/85996/Outlaw-Blues/articles.html

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Sun., 6-2, for                    ALICE FAYE & DON AMECHE .........

10:00 PM (ET)
B/W - 100 m

You Can't Have Everything (1937)    aka "Last Year's Kisses"

Synopsis:  A Broadway producer hopes to improve his chances with a beautiful playwright by buying the rights to all of her plays.
DirNorman Taurog CastAlice Faye , Ritz Brothers , Don Ameche .




😧 Norman Taurog. Alice Faye, The Ritz Brothers, Don Ameche, Charles Winninger, Tony Martin, Louise Hovick (Gypsy Rose Lee), Arthur Treacher, Tip, Tap, and Toe.

"Good show-biz musical as Faye writes drama which only succeeds as musical. The Ritz Brothers have good material, Louis Prima adds music."

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Just a heads up that the TCM schedule for September 26 is currently listing the premiere of License to Kill (1984) starring James Farentino and Penny Fuller.  However, all month long TCM is featuring James Bond movies as a special theme, so the schedule is likely in error and should instead be listing Licence to Kill (1989) with Timothy Dalton as James Bond (also a premiere).  I assume TCM will eventually get around to fixing the schedule as the date draws closer.

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late Fri., 6-7 for                     Underground.....

3:45 AM (ET)
B/W - 92 m


Synopsis:  A demented widow lures unsuspecting children into her mansion in a bizarre "Hansel and Gretel" twist.
DirCurtis Harrington CastShelley Winters , Mark Lester , Chloe Franks .

.... Allmovie wrote, "If one is in the right frame of mind, Who Slew Auntie Roo? can be a lot of ghoulish fun. It's not good, mind you; as a matter of fact, Roo is basically trash. But it's campy and silly and just the ticket if you're in the mood for a film that makes you groan at its inanity as often as it makes you shiver." ....



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late Tues., 6-11 for                  COUNTER CULTURE FILMS OF 1969 ..........

2:45 AM (ET)
B/W - 93 m



Synopsis:  debutante daughter of the world's wealthiest couple falls in with a gang of tripped out, skydiving pseudo-reactionary pop stars,

DirRobert Thom CastJennifer Jones , Jordan Christopher , Roddy McDowall .

"..... The film was skewered by the critics with the New York Daily News pondering "Jennifer Jones - how did she ever get mixed up in such a weird production?" The L.A. Times declared the performances were wildly uneven "with Jennifer Jones perhaps fairing the best. (Her fear of aging rings with decided conviction.)" And The Hollywood Reporter noted, "Miss Jones's once mannered twitch has become an unpleasant snarl; in no way softened by the lines she is forced to mouth." .........

see:  http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/67349/Angel-Angel-Down-We-Go/articles.html

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Fr i., 6-14

3:15 PM (ET)
C - 95 m


Synopsis: Treasure hunters seek a lost shipment of gold in shark-infested waters.
DirCornel Wilde CastCornel Wilde , Yaphet Kotto , John Neilson .


see : https://www.nytimes.com/1975/09/11/archives/sharks-treasure.html



-another of those "how could ___________ have gotten involved in such *****??"


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