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Paratroop Command where are you?


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I'm like Quentin Tarrentino about this hard to catch great old war movie. I think it's a jem that maybe because of the not to well known actors in it and maybe their budget was small it gets passed over more than it should. It's got some of the best action I've ever seen in a war movie and I've seen almost everyone out there, has a great realistic story line/plot, and whatever this movie lacked in budget or high paid actors they sure made up in action, realism and acting. I couldn't tell you how many times I've suggested this movie with no luck, even to go as far as writing several times trying to get the programmers to at least give us war movie lovers a night a week or a night a month dedicated to old hard to find war movies. Not the same ones you show over and over again on TCM which I never thought TCM would get like most radio stations I know that seem to have only tunnel vision when it comes to picking a variety of movies. Also I can hardly believe that women are up wee hours late night or till early morning where it's been off the record common knowledge that this is guys time and what guys do late at night and what do I see on nights when TCM should be playing thrillers, film noir, action, western, sci fi and of course, war movies only to see musicals or chic flicks,(Sorry ladies) or even now films that are on the verge of x-rated or only a few years old which I think is going to be a mistake TCM will regret in the future and maybe has a little bit of Drew's influence since she's so young. But back to the task at hand, I grew up in Detroit as a great escape (no pun intended)artist being the television was my means of escape growing up with Rita Bell, Bill Kennedy, Sir Graves Ghastly, The Ghoul, and movies in those days late night seemed to be geared totally to the male population with either westerns, sci fi movies or the good old war movie which back in the 70's and 80's they seemed to know who was watching T.V. late at night. Believe me TCM I don't know of anyone I know that wants to watch, especially on a good wind down night like sunday, all those silent films or foriegn language films back to back. Once in a while is cool, I like Charlie and Buster as much as the next guy, uh, er woman, ah um person, I mean, but you guys there seem to cater to everyone but the war movie lover. What's up with that one TCM? Anyway if you every want to see a great hidden gem of a war movie and if TCM ever plays it again just watch for Paratroop Command. Don't take my word for it just ask Quentin. Ben Scharf

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