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Text Color not working right

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Internet Explorer 11 :


Color only applies when you select color before adding text. Cannot highlight added text and change color

(this feature was available earlier).


More Colors.. the window opens and lets me pick any color but I can't move the cursor away to OK without it sliding over other colors and changing to one of them. Picking a Blue from the hue graph changes to black or vanilla or whatever the last registered color is as the cursor is moving off the graph to the OK button. The color code # and sample directly above it are correct and remain stable, while the larger color indicator at the top changes (as it should, I suppose). There is no way to lock in the selected hue for application.



Google Chrome:


This allows highlighting of selected text and application of selected colors from the primary selection chart to that text. But... this has the same problems with the More Colors hue graph as IE.



Using More Colors: IE & Chrome


If you select a hue from the edge of the graph, so the cursor can be moved off without touching another color, you can add text in that color to a blank space.


There are many bugs in the Text Color usage in Internet Explorer. Only a couple in Chrome.

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A new problem..


In the "REPLY TO 'TOPIC NAME' " screen.. changing a full sentence which contains some BOLD letters or words to a color results in only the non-BOLD portion displaying in selected color. The BOLD letters remain BOLD and black - in the "REPLY TO.." screen.


When selecting POST PREVIEW, the BOLD letters display in the correct selected color. Correct colors are displayed in the final post also -as per POST PREVIEW. While the initial "REPLY TO.." screen still displays uncolored BOLD letter(s). Exmple:



I thank you for your support



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