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Marquee Business

Kid Dabb

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THE GATEWAY was our neighborhood theater in Chicago

(where I got scared ----less by "The Exorcist") ;)



 and spent ALOT of time, during intermissions, with my popcorn, staring at the electric 'stars' in the ceiling...

(before it was turned into 'The Copernicus Center)



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I take photos of theaters all over the US. The Ann Arbor one is a standout.


I wonder if the old Coronet is still standing in Rochester NY. This is where a small group of friends would gather to see Rocky Horror in the early 80's. The owner slashed your ticket with gardening shears and rode a bike (ringing the bell!) in the aisles for the "Eddie" scene. Very fun!




spent ALOT of time, during intermissions, with my popcorn, staring at the electric 'stars' in the ceiling...


Looking around a theater, even the smaller "neighborhood" ones is part of the experience. Ornamentation for the public is no longer "structural" or artistic. Everything's built looking like an airport these days.


I was just in the palacial Landmark (Loew's) in Syracuse to see West Side Story with a film buddy. As we marveled at the statues, ornamentation and gilding he said, "Amazing to think this almost became a parking lot". It's the last grand theater left on a newly restored Main street in downtown Syracuse. My favorite part of the Landmark is the imaginative light fixtures.




This one WAS torn down in Rochester:



Interior photos are equally amazing:




This Palace is my neighborhood theater. My parents' first date was a movie at the Palace. I attend the fabulous 35mm Salt City Horror Fest every year! 




A few years ago I saw the original WOLFMAN there. It was summer and the theater is a walkable 5 minutes from my house. I took the shortcut home through the park. I was never so happy to arrive home-the full moon & clouds actually spooked me.


Upcoming schedule: http://palaceonjames.com/

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Solo screen, lit up with two features

3 nights of the week (closed Sunday)

open Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Admission: $5 dollars adults: 10&under free.

Iuka Drive-In, Iuka, MS

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