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you can replay this over and over and come to your own conclusion whether he cheated or not .... but ... the officials ruled he broke no rules and he was not penalized ... for me that's the end of it .... I happen to play a lot of golf ...  and watched the tournament on tv ...

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But Rory's ball bounced. Reed's didn't. So, if I understand rightly, Rory shouldn't get a drop because a ball cannot be considered embedded unless it embeds on the fly (no bounce). Yes?

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Five bold Super Bowl 2021 predictions: Tyreek Hill wins Super Bowl LV MVP after big performance and more
Five predictions for Chiefs vs. Buccaneers in the 2021 Super Bowl
            Jordan Dajani
 By Jordan Dajani 
Feb 3, 2021 at 3:19 pm ET
5 min read



**Don't believe Tampa has a good enough defense to stop the Chiefs from scoring more than enough points to win the game ... if Mahomes plays his game, the Chiefs by 10 ...


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Adding Trevor Bauer to a rotation that already includes Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler gives them three Cy Young contenders to go along with MVP contenders Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager. That's ballgame right there.

Bauer was arguably the AL's best pitcher in 2018. He was less arguably the NL's best pitcher in 2020. 


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53 minutes ago, laffite said:


37-20 Chiefs

Not sure Chiefs can score 37 points with the holes they now have to their offensive-line.    Mahomes will have less time and therefor Reid is likely to call short passing plays which will eat up the clock and lead less opportunities to score.   Anyhow,  we will know shortly.

OH,  and what about those Dodgers:   The Dodgers astonishingly signed Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer to a 3-year, $102-million deal. The best team in baseball just got enormously better.




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3 minutes ago, laffite said:


31-9 Buccaneers





Yea,  the Chiefs just couldn't score in the red zone or stop the Bucks from moving the ball.

Great game calling by the Pats as well as execution.


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I think the two sub tackles is an issue. To see Mahomes running for his life like that. That many times!  The injured toe might not have been an issue, he seemed nimble enough ... but Romo noted Mahomes limping near the end of the game.  All that must have made a difference, it was too unlikely that the Chiefs would fold like that on their own. Brady and Bucs though need to be commended though by their performance, no matter what the truth might be regarding the Chiefs.

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That got pretty embarrassing, especially during the second half, though it was kind of fun watching

Mahomes being chased back 15 or 20 yards and then throwing a number of Hail Marys which weren't

caught. Yikes. I can't stand Brady and was rooting for the Chiefs, though otherwise they're a meh team

to me. Oh well. I was glad to see Antonio Brown catch a TD pass and the pizza was good. 


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21 hours ago, MikaelaArsenault said:

Elgin Baylor, Lakers Hall of Famer and NBA great, dies at 86


I meet Elgin and have his autograph.    I was 13.    My older brother was the sports editor for the High School paper and a handful of the editors were granted access to the Lakers facility,  and we were placed just outside the locker room after a game.      This was the last year Elgin played for the Lakers;   Meet Wilt,  West,  etc...

Elgin came out of the locker room,  dressed to the nines and went off with a lady.    My brother yells out "high Ruby!",  and Elgin turns around and comes right towards us.   I was like "oh, crap,,,  he is mad at us!!".

He asks, "which one of you called that out".   My brother says that he did.    Elgin,  gives that big grin of his and says,   "great to see you know the name of my wife".     


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