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On 8/17/2021 at 11:12 AM, jamesjazzguitar said:

Tim Tebow,  the egomaniac only so-so QB and clearly no Tight End (he can't even block!),   has been cut by the Jaguars.

Some sanity has been restored to the universe.


Not so fast. He's thinking of running for president.


Just kidding

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On 9/11/2021 at 8:12 AM, JamesJazGuitar said:

Must see T.V. for me:    This gal has ability and heart!   Thus  I'll be rooting for her.

Canada's Leylah Fernandez upsets defending champ Naomi Osaka in 3rd round  of U.S. Open | CBC Sports

I haven't watched Tennis for quite awhile. My sister is a former player and big fan, she phoned me and spoke at length on how great this match was. I don't even know who won. I am here on the thread because I want to talk about the men's final. I am so out of touch, especially for the men's game of which I had all but ignored in favor of the women's game which was more interesting to me, and I did not know that Djokovic was in line for a grand slam. She previewed the match to me and I ended up watching it. My sister was rooting for Djokovic to accomplish this great feat and I provisionally adopted her preference and decided I would root for him as well.  But---and this is happened before with me---I will be watching a sporting event with no preference on who wins but then find myself perhaps subconsciously rooting for a team. No idea why, it's not a conscious decision. So did this happen with the match, to my own surprise found myself leaning towards Medvedev. Absolutely weird. No reason for it. When that critical moment happened, when I think that Medvedev had a match point, he hesitated to serve waiting for the crowd to stop the catcalls and general noise. He tried to serve, hesitated, tried to serve again, hesitated again ... and then finally served a fault. He then missed the second serve for a double fault. Then another double fault, losing the game. Wow, is this beginning of a melt down. I then began rooting for Medvedev in earnest although I'm sure many would have wanted a magnificent comback by his opponent to win the Grand Slam. Ordinarily I might have enjoyed but I am such a bleeding heart I would have felt Medvedev's pain to deeply if he had lost that match. Such a loss would have a trauma, perhaps for his entire career. To be that close. My feeling that Medvedev must needs avoid the agony of this kind of defeat was more important to me than the thrill of victory and a Grand Slam for Djokovic. Sure, a great disappointment not to get the Slam, perhaps even excruciatingly so, but it would it would be easier to overcome than had Medvedev's plight if he had loss such a match. Medvedev certainly deserved to win. He was brilliant and outplayed his opponent. As I said I haven't watched tennis in some time but I could still note that Djokovic was not quite himself. Case in point, trailing 1-4 in the second set after having lost the first, break point for Djokovic, Medvedev laid a drop shot. Djokovic got there in plenty of time but feeble pushed his shot out. He might have lobbed. No second guessing her, but I don't think he knew what to do. This is just one example but I thought I detected similar lapses along the way. At one point Djokovic was so frustrated that he smashed this racket to smithereens slamming it down five times. Djokovic lost in straight sets but he was not horrible. He did however have enough unforced errors and his opponent did have nearly as many. Congratulations to both players. Note: The Grand Slam has been accomplished six times in Tennis; Don Budge in 1938, Maureen Connolly in 1953, Rod Laver in 1962 and 1969, Margaret Court in 1970, and Steffi Graf in 1988.



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