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Columbia Ranch in Burbank


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Columbia Studios purchased 40 acres January 10, 1934 (between Oak and Verdugo, Hollywood Way and Pass Avenue.

Columbia Studios purchased another 40 acres in 1949 (West of Pass Avenue at Oak Street.


There are still homes on the Columbia Ranch from 1930's

Oliver House from Party Wire (1935) with Jean Arthur, Victor Jory, Charlie Grapewin, Clara Blandick etc.

Little Egbert house from With A Feather In Her Hat (1935) with Pauline Lord, Basil Rathbone, Louis Hayward)

Blondie House from 1938 - 1950 Blondie series of movies (based on a house in Studio City which they also used).

Lindsay House from 1938 - I Am The Law (1938) with Edward G. Robinson (also used in Crime Doctor, Batman serials, Bye Bye Birdie (Ann Margaret's house), Jerry Lewis' house in Hook Line and Sinker, Jean Simmon's house in Divorce Am. Style. Lethal Weapon house (Danny Glover's home).  (TV series Gidget, Hazel)

Smith House (1939) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (the mother's house) there were other homes around it.


1953 home has been modified a few times - now known as Partridge house

Skeffington House from 1958's The Last Hurrah (Spencer Tracy as George Skeffington) and 1959's The Tingler (Vincent Price's house)


The Higgins' home from 1963's TV Series Our Man Higgins (with Sterling Holloway) now known as the Bewitched home.


The Deeds' mansion and annex were torn down to build the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Griswold house and Chester House (although when filming the Chester's character used the Lindsay house).


Walton House - moved from Warner Bros. Main lot - after series end - used for Walton Reunions and other television productions.


The old commissary is still here and in use for filming and feeding crew. (it was Maude's nightclub in Bye Bye Birdie)


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The 3 Stooges at the Columbia Ranch.

yes, the 3 stooges were all over the ranch -

you can see them at the Lindsay house - go to youtube - type in 3 stooges as tree surgeons, or the short Some More of Somoa. - go in about 5 minutes and you can the house has not changed much.


They were at the Oliver House delivering ice - the hill was in echo park. the house was here at the Ranch.


The 3 stooges were at building 3R - still here - for Boobs In Arms - you can see it in the background when they do the left shoulder arms, right shoulder arms, forward arms bit. (the Warner Bros. tower can be seen in the BG because it sat further west than it is currently.


The 3 stooges were at the Smith House for Sock a Bye Baby - it had a different brick covering facade front. It was all dirt around it.  Now it is mostly paved, and they would have hit the vending machines that are at the north windows. 


There is a book that came out about 2 years ago - 3 Stooges Hollywood Filming Locations with a lot more details.





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Yes the exterior (outdoor) scenes were shot at the Ranch but it is my understanding that the interior scenes were shot at the Gower St. lot. The Three Stooges used leftover film sets for their shorts, such as "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and others. Various sets on the Gower St. soundstages as well as the Burbank ranch.

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