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Classic Film Union Update


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Hello Everyone,


Now that the new message boards are live and running smoothly (for the most part!), we wanted to share with you some information about the upcoming changes to the Classic Film Union (CFU).


Here is what we can share at this point:


  • TCM is finalizing the updates with the company that will relaunch the CFU
  • Anticipated launch of this won't be until Summer of this year, but we are close to starting production
  • We will post updates and screenshots of the new CFU in these forums and in the current CFU as they become available
  • We will also post a list of enhanced features and changes to the site at a later date
  • The sign on process that has caused so many issues is being jettisoned for a new sign-up system that will be simple and easy
  • Our goal is to make the CFU easier to use, more stable, improved in design, and focus on the features that are used the most: profiles, blogs, groups, communication, and fan contribution


We would love to hear back from you, so please post your thoughts and feedback in this thread.  Please, please be civil in your comments and while we encourage lively discussion please do so without attacking other members.





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I'm glad they're finally doing something with this site.  It's such a mess for me that I haven't really done anything with it.  My profile is a jumbled mess.  In the website's current state, it's pretty much usuable. 


I look forward to these changes and the end result.  Thanks TCM!

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I made an earnest attempt at the CFU about 6 years ago. I had to give it up at that time due to it's extreme lack of stability. I would spend 1-2 hours building a single page only to have it visually scrambled beyond all recognition OR disappear altogether. I wasn't mad, just frustrated.


Suggestion: Offer pages and tools as close to actual web-blog sites as feasible. Similar to sites that let you build your own.


Suggestion: Allow more space for the main body of the blogs. Allow it to fill from the left screen-side across about 7/8 of the screen - leaving the far right for the usual blog column containing Author, Archive(s), Comments, etc..


Or.. blog the center 3/4 screen-space with a 1/8 column on the far right and far left sides.


Or just include these as options in a build-your-own tool kit.

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Kid Dabb,


I completely agree with you.  I haven't gotten very far past selecting some actors and films that I enjoy and attempting to create a profile page.  The profile creation page is so unnecessarily complicated.  It definitely needs to be cleaned up so that someone can customize their background, text colors, etc. and have it be easy.  Maybe have two different types of editors-- a basic one where one just has to pretty much fill in boxes and upload images and maybe a more advanced one where some coding knowledge may be necessary in order to create a more customized and less cookie cutter page. 


If I could create a profile and not have the text bleed all over the background, I'd be happy as well.  I haven't even been able to get myself involved with the other features of the website because the profile page has frustrated me so much.

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I am glad these are the changes that TCM will do for the Classic Film Union site, as they do reflect the petition language that CFU members consensually wrote and still is in full support of: 



Your attention, please!
We, the Classic Film Union, grateful for all the technical assistance given in the past, would like if the administration will fix technical problems that Classic Film Union members cannot easily fix themselves that has impacted our experience at the Classic Film Union.
Through inquiry complied by the CFU member, sweet_pea, who published a suggestion box so that the Classic Film Union Mentoring Program can help solve present problems, the Mentoring Program found that these problems couldn't be solved by all 35 mentors, so we appeal to you, TCMFanCommunityAdmin to help solve these problems we are currently facing. As representatives of the greater Classic Film Union, we have complied a list of problems we have encountered that hamper our abilities to use the Classic Film Union to the fullest advantage, here they are:
Online chat boxes so that members can chat individually, and chatroom space similar to The “All About” Bar except more and if chosen by the members who are engaged in conversation, video options. We would like live/private wall to wall texting and live group texting,where a little window pops up with font choices and emotion face choices and the writing area.
In light the first point, notifying members who have written articles or started groups that they have a comment on their profile more immediately than having to go all the way to their home page to find out, and years since joined was accurately represented.
Profile management: new members (900+) are having difficulty designing their profiles due to the fact that there is no scrolling option for them. They also have had trouble selecting themes, adding their favorite films and stars onto their profile as well, as they select and then the next day, they disappear and have to do it all over again. Due to this taking place, new members are not visible outside of article comments, but cannot be found in searches. 
The “recent members” page does not allow anyone who recently joined in the past 6 months to be visible, and are only accessed as of late when “My Feed” doesn't read activity even though members continue to post. The only posts on the Feed as of late either come from 3 months ago, or just one and none after that.
If there was a way to attach new media to groups without having to individually assign them would be a big help also. If there was also a way to navigate groups easier that would be great.
In order to fix these problems, we believe shutting the website down a time determined by the TCM Web Administration for as much time as needed to fix these problems, will be suffice and understood through a System Alert, as we respect all the hard work you do to make our experience an enjoyable one, and we would like it to continue through your intervention and assistance in this matter.
And, while there is so little to add to the petition language in and of itself, it would be nice to include in these grievances the pending bug that prevents downloads from happening for a long time as well as the long time it takes sometimes for videos, photos, and audio to appear at the Union could be worked on, as well as possibly allowing for more than just .mp3 be loaded for audio as I have often wondered why video got the diverse options while audio did not. But that is just my two cents. I do hope more CFU members come forward in sharing what they would like to see changed. 
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I'm with GG and Obrien. There are so many actors that need adopted screen photos- and since TCM lets members update information like that on its main website, why not? 


If it hasn't been done yet, it might be worth putting together a list of what improvements you think would enhance the CFU experience and add them to this thread.

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If you come up with other ideas that aren't addressed in the petition but you think would beneficial to the CFU experience, it might be good to have all the ideas listed in post you can edit and add to as you come up with the ideas.


That way, they are in one post and easy to find.



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Here are some of the features/enhancements I'd like to see in the new CFU:

1. More iPad friendly. Currently iPad users can't use smilies or the bold/italics/underline functions. You can't insert pictures, format text, or insert hyperlinks when commenting or blogging. The reply with quote function in "messages" doesn't work either.

2. A "real time" chat room. (Or link to one)

3. The ability to upload custom background tiles for member home page.

4. The ability to add video clips and audio files to blog posts and member profile page.

5. Better control of formatting on profile pages, blogs, and group pages. Currently we can't control line spacing. This results in uploading a blog, then continually editing it until the spacing is correct.

6. A CFU calendar. Similar to that of ProBoards....for members birthdays, CFU events (parties, game shows, etc.), and deadlines for things such as voting.

7. Karma ratings? On second thought, that might be a Pandora's box.

8. "Adopt a star". As I mentioned before, some stars have unflattering or no profile picture at all. I for one would be thrilled to share photos of some stars that need some TLC.

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I think everyone now knows that changes are coming to the Classic Film Union, Obrien, but as to how those changes will be announced to CFU members when so many are only on the CFU site and not here begged the question I posed. 

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One more idea to send to the appropriate parties- can the photo box that is used to insert images in other media like blog posts and descriptions be expanded beyond 67 pages? I wish I could fish out older images without having to reupload them for use. 

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One more to send (sorry these are coming to me just now)- but is it possible to make it possible to edit videos with keeping the video but reuploading it? There is this video I uploaded that when it first uploaded, ran all the way, but something happened that I couldn't explain, and it wouldn't run the whole way through. 

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Thanks for the work done to improve this site.

Now for a question I can't seem to get an answer to anywhere. Why is my favorite Cary Grant movie

Houseboat never shown on TCM? I even wrote to tcm trying to get an answer with no luck.

Thank you for any help you could give.

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