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AWARD NOMINATED RAY HARRYHAUSEN TRIBUTE by his friend of 50 years - cinema historian Steve Vertlieb. Hey cineastes, check out our recently posted 3 min. tribute trailer to late great filmmaker Ray Harryhausen (JASON & THE ARGONAUTS, CLASH O...F THE TITANS) and the tribute article to him by his friend of 50 years - our documentary film subject, film archivist / historian Steve Vertlieb. Steve's article has been nominated this year as "Best" by the RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARDS: the awards body favored by the likes of dir. Guillermo del Toro (PAN'S LABYRINTH, HELLBOY) and Ain't It Cool News. View the trailer (with clips from JASON and CLASH) then vote for Steve. Anyone can! We'd LOVE to see such an "old school" film writer / educator win, ... then film his reaction for our still-in-production documentary. - CEJ / The GullCottage/Sandlot / Steve Vertlieb: The Man Who "Saved" The Movies - documentary film

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RAY HARRYHAUSEN Steve Vertlieb Tribute - RONDO Nomination
* More on STEVE VERTLIEB: THE MAN WHO "SAVED" THE MOVIES Documentary Film @ FILM'S OFFICIAL WEB PAGES: http://gullcottageonline.com/ManWhoSavedProdBlog2.html...


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Established by David Colton (Page One Editor of USA TODAY) the "Rondo Awards" (named after legendary cinematic genre actor Rondo Hatton) annually honors the best in classic genre films, film literature, film art, journalism and more. And this year my dear friend (as well as titular subject of my Steve Vertlieb: The Man Who "Saved" The Movies - documentary film ), Steve Vertlieb himself, has been nominated for "FROM THE LAND BEYOND BEYOND: AN INTIMATE PERSONAL REMEMBRANCE OF RAY HARRYHAUSEN" - his heartfelt written tribute to his dear friend, the late great cinema legend responsible for some of the greatest fantasy / adventure films in history incl. JASON & THE ARGONAUTS, THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD, MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, ONE MILLION YEARS B.C., VALLEY OF GWANGI, CLASH OF THE TITANS and more. I congratulate you Steve on your remarkable achievement. And I ask those following the progress of our film, as well as others, to submit a vote for my own personal favorite cinema journalist / historian. Just click to Mr. Dave Colton at taraco@aol.com and type "Rondo Award - Vertlieb / Harryhausen article" in the subject bar along with your name.

And hey, you can also check out and vote on the complete list of nominees if you like (best feature film, short, magazines, collectibles and more) by hitting the "Ballot" link below.  If you do vote in those other categories, please vote for Steve's inclusion in the MONSTER KID HALL OF FAME.  Voting ends midnight May 5th, 2014. - CEJ

* Check out STEVE'S NOMINATED HARRYHAUSEN ARTICLE @ http://thethunderchild.com/Movies/VertliebViews/RayHarryhausenTribute.html

* THIS YEAR'S COMPLETE RONDO NOMINEE BALLOT @ http://rondoaward.com/rondoaward.com/blog/?p=32


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