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Kid Dabb

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Total guess, haven't seen the film in a few years but I keep thinking that's it's Another Thin Man.Seen so many of C Aubrey's films, they're all mooshed up at this point.LOL

Hi lavender,


You have the correct actor.


Just so there's no misunderstanding, the second pic has nothing to do with the first one. It was just to offer a clearer image of the same actor.


The film we're looking for (first photo) has C. Aubrey Smith in a wheelchair just a few years earlier than Another The Thin Man.

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Oh so that shovel looking handle C Aubrey Smith is holding is really what steers the wheelchair! No wonder the film didn't look familiar,haven't seen it but a film I've always wanted to see. 1935 THE TUNNEL ( btw Kid, that doesn't mean I'm admitting to be as old as you and Fred, esp Fred) LOL :D

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LOL! Thanks, lavender!



FredCDobbs, on 30 Apr 2014 - 6:22 PM, said:

This was supposed to be a "futuristic" film, such as with that modern electric wheelchair. But the thing was almost as big as a golf cart! Actual modern ones are much more compact.

I was researching 50cc scooters and state regulations for road use. I had to wade through motorized scooters, mopeds, gas powered bicycles.. and.. guess what popped up? Electric mobile wheelchairs. These are legal to "drive" on our sidewalks, street crossings and some streets - those with a 25mph or less posted limit. Go figure..

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