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Trivia for the other 98% of us

Kid Dabb

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"If this operation is successful, I'll have created a monster; a beautiful face and no heart."


From what film. If you know that, you'll know the character who uttered it.


Hint: A word in the quote is a word in the movie title.





Melvyn Douglas spoke the line in A Woman's Face.

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Not another one. Well, Miss Crawford, I thought you were the grand mommy of all the Joans, but apparently you have competition.






Azure, you are breathtakingly correct, per the usual. Your thread.



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Thanks, Laffite.  Fortunately, A Woman's Face was shown on TCM not too long ago, so it was still somewhat fresh in my mind. 



Next:  Name at least two actors or actresses who won a Best Actor/Best Actress Oscar for their very first film. 

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This acting couple was very political. Coming from a Jewish Heritage on his father's side, he was one of the first actors in Hollywood to speak out against against European fascism and anti-semitism.


She ran for and held national political office.


When you identify this very political couple, don't forget to name a couple of legendary films that they were individually associated with.

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This early TV series' title character later became a star of another TV series about a rock band.



Name the actor,the two TV shows and two characters.


Micky Braddock was Circus Boy co-starring with one of my favorite character actors, the Great Noah Beery Jr, as Joey the Clown.


Then about top ten years later, Micky became one of TV's The Monkees, using his real name, Dolenz.


Both of these TV series aired on NBC.

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