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Trivia for the other 98% of us

Kid Dabb

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17 hours ago, Swithin said:

In this film, Charles Boyer is on a ship that has a Titanic-like accident -- it hits an iceberg. But everyone is saved. What is the film?

Here I am pestering you again. We need you to confirm Starliteyes' correct answer.

thanks, Swithin

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Well, I guess we can do one more death scene.

Fred Astaire made several musicals where he has untimely accidents and cannot dance to the end of the movie.

That's sad, but even sadder is a musical where he can't dance in person at the end of the film because he's dead.

Can you name the musical where where Fred's character actually dies?

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5 minutes ago, starliteyes said:

You're getting closer, Princess.  You're in the right decade, but a little too early this time around.  If this helps any, she meets her demise by getting shot by a bullet meant for someone else.

Is it a movie with Warren William?

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For a time, this actress/dancer dated the head of what was considered the Tiffany of the movie studios.  She was under contract to a less prestigious studio, but eventually would be under contract at the bigger, more powerful one.  By that time, however, her relationship with the studio boss had ended.

Name the actress/dancer and the studio boss.

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