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Trivia for the other 98% of us

Kid Dabb

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This movie actress committed suicide in the thoroughs of her affair with a married actor.

This tragic event almost ended his career  in Hollywood. 

While his career at that time in Hollywood didn't match his previous film career in his native country abroad, he later became a movie star after being successful on Broadway. 

Please identify the actress, the actor and any of their credits that you have enjoyed.

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40 minutes ago, lavenderblue19 said:

First thought would be Carol Landis and Rex Harrison ??

At our age, the first thought is usually the right one. 😀

I've never seen her in any film that was worth talking about, but I really do like some of Rex Harrison's British films with Vivien Leigh--"St Martin's Lane" and "Storm in a Teacup".

What about you?

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1 hour ago, Princess of Tap said:

Well that would be Paul Williams

And it seems like I heard the other one had famous parents in show business-- Candice Bergen.

Yes , Paul Williams and CandaceBergen both auditioned and were  not chosen as Mouseketeers for the Mickey Mouse TV Show. Good work Princess, your thread

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There are great singers, and then there are people who have hit records because they have fans who like them.

Can you name these classic TV/movie performers who made the top 40 and/or sold a few albums, but who were no real competition for Sinatra, Johnny Mathis or Dionne Warwick.

1) This TV actor was briefly a heartthrob, selling records using a comb as a gimmick.

2) This TV heartthrob was a good dramatic actor who also thought he was a good singer. He had several popular albums. One of his songs had a title similar to his TV "road" show.

3) This actor was another TV heartthrob who played a doctor with an attitude. He recorded a popular singing album.

4) This actress was a popular teenager on a sitcom. She had a big top 40 record about a boyfriend.

5) This actor was a legitimate movie star/matinee idol. Young and attractive, he got a  #1 record and even appeared in a classic musical. 

6) This actor was a childhood TV star who appeared in a western. He had a handful of top 40 hits. 

7) This handsome young TV star played a doctor with a sweet attitude and sold top 40 records and albums. 

😎 Huit)This actor was a childhood TV star who appeared in a sitcom. He made the top 40 a few times, but was better known for his sitcom, which starred a classic Academy Award winning movie actress. 

9) This handsome actor won an Academy Award in a musical, which won a number of Oscars. He was noted more for his outstanding dancing--in a movie with a lot of dancers--rather than for his singing. But he recorded several popular albums. 

10) This movie star actress appeared in musicals, but was not noted as a great singer. Singing the theme for one of her movies, she got a #1 record, which upset her husband, who was a famous professional singer.

When you identify the classic performer, also list a TV, movie Or recording credit for each.

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12 hours ago, MilesArcher said:

2.  George Maharis - He sings "Get Your Kicks On Route 66" on this album.    



3.  Vince Edwards



5.  Vic Damone - He was in "Kismet". 

Vic Damone - Stranger In Paradise (Remastered) by Vic Damone on Apple Music 


7.  Richard Chamberlain


 8.  Paul Petersen


9.  George Chakiris



10.  Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds - Tammy And 11 Other Great Folk Hits | ArtistInfo




Miles--Thanx. This is a terrific photo shoot of my record collection. You're so sweet that I don't want to disqualify #5--Vic Damone--because he's a real singer and not a play singer or matinee idol,so he really doesn't count.

The answer to that question was actually Tab Hunter. Tab's #1 song was "Young Love". 

But Miles, you still win this one and all my respect for the way you played the game.

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