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Help me identify this mystery film, please.


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I'm afraid I don't remember any of the cast. It was in black and white but I couldn't say for sure what decade, though probably late 40's or 50's. I missed the beginning of it, but I remember it was one of those where the leading lady falls in love with a man who may or may not have murdered a woman (who allegedly hit her head against a bedpost, I think.)


Though not really a comedy there were a lot of amusing red-herring scenes that indicated something terrible is about the happen whereas it's really nothing. For example, when the man picks up an iron rod like he's about to chase after her and kill her but actually just uses it to jimmy the latch on the door, which lost it's knob when she slammed it.


Does this ring a bell to anyone? If you want more scenes or the conclusion to help figure it out, just ask. Thanks!

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Sounds like it maybe the 1951 film LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE. It stars Ruth Roman, Richard Todd. TCM has played the film, last time was a few months ago.

Todd plays the husband of the murdered wife, he's acquitted for the crime. Ruth Roman and Todd's characters fall in love and marry. If you remember a brother and sister involved in the plot that's probably the film.

You can check out TCM's database, click on TCMDB and type in the name of the film. Hope that helps

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Thank you very much! This is the film I was looking for. I remember thinking that the suspense was often so over-the-top that it must have been intentionally humorous. I'm looking foward to seeing the rest of it.

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