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"Breaker Morant" --Don't miss it tonight.


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BREAKER MORANT (1980) is being aired tonight on TCM.  I heartily recommend this moving riveting account of true actions and events and a courtroom trial during the Boer War in South Africa at the dawn of the 20th century.  This is one of the finest movies ever made in my opinion.  There is no better Australian movie.  Engrossing and indicting.  Well acted with an ending not to be missed.  I have viewed this movie a number of times and never cease to be mesmerized by it.  GALLIPOLI which follows BREAKER MORANT tonight is also a fine movie though not in the same league as BM.  Both are moving, very moving in portraying the horrors of war and loss of innocence of the regular "everyman" soldier. 

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TCM ran 'Breaker Morant' last year (2013) and it was shown up here in that instance. So, it's very possible that Canadian TCM members will get another chance at a future time.


I've watched it twice now - back around 1981 and again last year on TCM. I got more from it the second time - I'm older now, much more appreciative of historical dramatization. One of the finest of Edward Woodward performances.

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In Canada we didn't get to see Breaker Morant.


Howdy Skimpy,


Yes, no "Breaker Morant" last Friday night.

At 8:00 p.m., Canuckleheads saw "The Man from Down Under" (1943):



And then at 9:44 p.m. was the short "Grand Prix Challenge of the Champions" (1966) about the making of the film "Grand Prix" (1966).


I'll have to get cracking and get all the May replacements posted for fellow Canucks...


As for "Breaker Morant," excellent film that I have seen a few times before.

The fame Edward Woodward received for his role in that film helped him get the TV series "The Equalizer" later in the 1980s:


(Apparently a film starring Denzel Washington is coming out in September 2014:




Also seen "Gallipoli" and "Tim" and "Mad Max" many times. "Tim" one of Mel Gibson's first films.

You can see the progression in Gibson's career from these early films made in 1979 and 1981.

Gibson did "Mad Max" (being paid $15,000 for his role), then "Tim" - both in 1979 -  and then in 1981 "Gallipoli" ($35,000 Australian for his role). Gibson's first big paycheck wasn't until 1985's "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" ($1,000,000 salary and most ever for an Australian actor to that date).

Gibson won the Australian Film Institute Award for best actor for both "Tim" and "Gallipoli."


Anyway, lots of good films last Friday night...





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