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Sex In Monochrome

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Just to let you know, Episode 11 of 'Attaboy Clarence' is a full-length documentary podcast running to almost three hours, about sex in cinema before 1934 when The Code began to be rigidly enforced:


Episode 11: SPECIAL - Sex In Monochrome


The Hollywood of the 30’s and 40’s is commonly known as The Golden Age of Hollywood, a time when foundations were built, techniques refined, and legends were born, but The Golden Age was built upon the bones of another generation; a liberal, free-spirited time when Hollywood creatively defied the censors, and let its imagination run free.


Sex was an integral part of film-making from the very beginning, appearing on film just a year after its inception, and remaining one of the most popular, and controversial subjects during the birth of cinema. 


In this special episode, we’ll take a look at some of the keystones of sex in cinema, the men and women who were the first sex symbols, and the tragic figures who were its first casualties. 


The sex. The lies. The films. The scandals. And the force that finally brought Hollywood to heel in the mid-thirties. 




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