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Hallelujah! 1929 any fans?

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I came in on the middle of this movie and it had me intrigued.  Anyone see it?  I'm finding more and more interesting movies on TCM...this one isn't your typical Hollywood movie star picture...it's an all African American cast & directed by King Vidor.  I really liked it and want to see the whole thing.  I found it hard to believe it was made in 1929..except for some speed up parts.  'Course I havent seen a lot of very old movies (before late 1930s), but her dress even looked like 1960s and the white heart on it...this was so interesting to me.

I'm guessing this is a Pre-code movie (I'm not familar with pre-code movies) because of some of the lines like, "now you let baby come sit on your lap & make you feel so good"!  What?! :D 

I had no idea about these very old movies.  And, I especially loved Chick's line (she got religion) after beating off Hot Shot with a poker..."and that's what's gonna happen to anyone who gets in my Path of Glory!"  That was so great.  Oh, and it had great music.

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Yes, this is a great pre-code movie with a great cast, great dialogue, and a great story, and it is very well made for 1929. Quite realistic too. I remember when I was just a little kid and we would sometimes drive past an all-blac k bar/dive in the mid to late 1940s, and if the doors were wide open we could look in, and those places looked just like the blac k bar in this film, and so did the people. And occasionally we would read in the newspaper where there had been a shooting and a killing at one of these places, usually on a Saturday night.


Of courses there were also similar redn eck and cowboy bars. :)

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