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It's Godzilla . . . No, it's Rob Ford . . . Well, It's the Same Damn Script!


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Most of us have had the opportunity to see a Godzilla film or two. Ah, the peace that is initially felt in the major metropolis, the calm. That is followed, of course, by troubling reports of a disturbance, then bulletins to the media that some large creature has been seen nearby, causing destruction, and coming closer to that metropolis. Followed, in turn, by that fire breathing dinosaur wracking terror as it devastates the great city.


Just this afternoon, at 2pm, there was news from Toronto City Hall, now with Mayor Rob Ford tucked somewhere away in rehab, of the rainbow flag, that symbol of the gay community, being raised at that city hall. Yes, the same flag that Ford had tried to have taken down last February during the Olympics.


Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, assuming all mayoralty duties, smiling as the flag is raised. There is talk of the "winds of change" as the flag flutters in the breeze, symbolizing Toronto's acceptance of all sexual persuasions. There is also a passionate blast from the outgoing President of the Parents and Friends of Gay Children, at the notoriously homophobic Ford, making reference to his position just three months ago on the same flag being there.


Ah, the peace, the calm, the sense of unity that exists among those gathered. In referring to the Rainbow Flag, Deputy Mayor Kelly said, "I think it recognizes the executive leadership of the City of Toronto is based on the principle of inclusiveness. You govern on behalf of everybody."


Weather-wise, it's not a particularly warm day in Toronto but, with the peace and love of inclusiveness felt by all those gathered at City Hall, it feels somehow like a warm breeze that is caressing everyone's cheek.


That, again, was at 2pm.


But by 4pm there is another report coming through the Toronto media. There are reports that Mayor Rob Ford, presumably in rehab, has now been sighted in Bracebridge, which is Ontario cottage country. Soon there are not just reports, but photos appearing in the media of a smiling Ford posing with Bracebridge residents, all smiling, all giving thumbs up, all eager to stare the limelight for the moment with the notorious celebrityToronto mayor. Ford, by the way, has a cottage in the area.


Ford tells them that he feels great. There is confusion in the media as to what a man in rehab for just two weeks is doing out and about, unsupervised. There are calls to Ford's lawyer asking for an explanation.


But that warm Toronto breeze of just two hours before has now turned cold, frozen by the frosty breath of its notorious mayor who is now rumbling near by.


Just as the residents of Toyko had much to fear with the sounds of Godzilla's feet as he approached their great city, so, too, must the residents of Toronto be concerned. On a day in which some dared to speak of the "winds of change" at city hall, Ford suddenly emerges once again in the media, telling them, in essence, "It ain't over yet, folks! I'll be back!"

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