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TCM Tech Support - What Tech Support?

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For the record, the technical support for the TCM application is non-existent.  Seriously....


If your Watch TCM app does not work, who do you call or email?  I have posted in this forum and emailed the application owners via this site and I get nothing.  Your other options is leave a voicemail.  What kind of support it that?


Granted, the "Watch TCM" application is a small part of the whole TCM package that I get through Charter Communications but for my wife and I who travel all the time it is the only way we can watch TCM.


I would gladly pay $20 a month for the service (as a mobile only application) if such a thing was possible.  Charter was no help at all.  If you can get TCM on your TV at home and your internet is working then they say it is not their problem.


Does anyone from the Watch TCM technical support office read these forums or offer to help their customers?  Do they even have a technical support staff?




There!  I said it!



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Dear Mod1:  Many thanks for the offer to help.



  Been using it fine for the last 3 months and all of a sudden today (Saturday) I am getting "Unable to play this video.  User not authorized Error - <notAuthorized/>.


Using iPad.


I can log in fine using my Charter username and password. 


Trying to watch at my home away from home.  So I am not actually in my house.  In a hotel room.


But it has worked great for 3 months.



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I'm having the same problem - with TCM on demand and watch live. We have Charter cable. I was able to watch movies on demand and the live feed, but all of a sudden, I get an error message "It appears that your Charter subscription does not include TCM. To sign up for TCM and start using TCM's service, or if you believe you have received this message in error, please call 1-888-438-2427". I called the number - Charter - and they said it's a TCM problem. I've cleared out cookies, rebooted, etc., etc., nothing helps. I can't watch on any of our computers or on my tablet. It's very frustrating! TCM is my favorite channel and website!

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Glad to report that somehow Charter Communications got it working again.  Opened a trouble ticket and then magically 4 days later it started working again.  No fix action given.    I am happy it is now working and my wife is even happier.  I still wish that TCM could have helped more with the troubleshooting.

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Having a problem activating the TCM app on my Apple TV device! Every time it says “successful” I go to play a movie and it kicks me back into activation mode! I repeat the process and it starts all over again! Can’t play a movie! Can I get some assistance on this issue? 

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