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Name 10 Facts About This Actor

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1a-His divorce from Lily Damita haunted him for the rest of his life,she never remarried as long as he was alive,Flynn paid her a big pension,Nora Eddington got one also but Lily was really nasty towards him.So even if he made fortunes ,(he was also a big spender)he had severe financials problems  in the last 10years of his life being also defrauded by his longtime accountant.

1 b-He was a man of culture and a funny man. and the ones he jars against seem to borne him ill-will with the possible exception of the Australian creditors from whom he escaped before going to Hollywood.

In a later broadcast to the people down under he said jovially:'' If there's anyone listening to whom i owe money I'm ready to forget it if you are.''

Later he  acknowledged his troubles:  'My difficulty is trying to reconcile my gross habits with my net income''. A personnal favorite of mine !

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19 minutes ago, chaya bat woof woof said:

6.  After his death, rumors swirled that he was a Nazi sympathizer or worse (I believe Shelley Winters said that it wasn't true - she might have ha an affair with him).

6b) No concrete evidence has ever been found that Errol Flynn had anything to do with the Third Reich.

Initially, he had volunteered for the American Military but was turned down for a number of physical disabilities.

Flynn had two close friends, David Niven and Patrick Knowles, both actors, who denounced these rumors as well.

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6 c The Nazi stuff was written and invented by Charles Higham,Flynn was never a nazi sympathizer.

7-I doubt about Shelley Winters.many of her recollections and affairs were contested but it is possible she went to his house..Flynn was a gentleman,he was not a kiss & tell guy.He never really bragged about his conquests.Sometimes he had no choice:when he was caught in bed with Ann Sheridan by her then quite new husband George Brent.There was  a heavy fight, Brent was  a strong guy but Flynn had boxing training in his younger days (Gentleman Jim was a bonus) so apparently Brent took quite a beating,his marriage lasted 9 months with.Sheridan.She  was  a drinking partner of Errol among other things...

7-b He never mentionned this but Olivia De Havilland said to Michael Caine that Errol was her first lover even showing him the hill where it happened,Caine mentions it casually in his bio..Olivia denied it years later but i will stick with Caine he had nothing to gain in inventing a story some 50 years after the fact.Olivia was genuinely in love with Errol but could not trust his fidelity..

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9-a wrote  and published 2 novels: Beam Ends and Showdown

9b never liked his mother, she was cruel with him since childhood.

9c He said l'll live this half of my life I don't care about the other half

9d Jack Warner said of him' To the Walter Mittys of the world he was all the heroes in one magnificent,sexy,animal package.' and Herbert Wilcox said 'His love of life defeated his ability as an artist''

9e Beverly E. Fisher, who became famous at 17 as Beverly Aadland, the final girlfriend of actor Errol Flynn, has died in january 2010. She was 67.

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10- No takers? well i will finish it then..

Sally Stanford was the madam in the famed Tenderloin in San Francisco among its customers were Sinatra ,Bogart-who got kicked out-she remembered Errol Flynn very well saying he was very sweet and a prodigious lover.,,'He was the only customer i ever had who tested all of  the talent,including both shifts'

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